Late Show: Ignite & Imagery + 3

Ignite & Imagery + 3

For fans of The Roots and Motown.

Ignite and Imagery + 3 is a hip hop/soul band from Winston Salem NC. Their sound is an eclectic mix of The Roots, Wu Tang, Motown, reggae, and progressive rock. Imagery raps and sings, Ignite Mindz plays the keyboard while rapping and sometimes the turntables too, Murph plays bass guitar, Incredibility plays guitar, and Ferdinello plays the drums. They play everything from slow soulful songs, to mosh pit inducing jams with high speed raps. They put on a high energy live show, where the number one focus is for everyone to have fun. The two MCs have an onstage energy that builds off of one another, and you can tell that they have been rocking together since high school. They’ve performed and recorded for years as Ignite and Imagery, but when they got together with a band of their incredibly talented friends, things really got interesting. Everyone brings a little bit of their own influences to the mix, and the result is a very original sound underneath lyrics that you can relate to. The MCs work extremely hard on their wordplay, but none of that matters if the flow doesn’t sound good. Too many MCs sound good but are lacking in lyrical ability, or vice versa, but Ignite and Imagery believe that you can have both. These days there are a few good singer/rappers, but few can do both as proficiently as Imagery. He has a surprisingly soulful singing style that can go from as smooth as Marvin Gaye, to as gritty as Otis Redding. His style compliments the band in a way that just feels complete and satisfying. Ignite and Imagery + 3 is on a mission to create great, original sounding music, have electrifying performances, and have a blast while doing it.

"But what’s even doper is the track “Get Your Hands High” by Ignite and Imagery! This joint is off their recently released album Gimmick Free which dropped on July 20. I’m about to check the balance in my checking account and head over to iTunes to grab this now!"
Kevin Nottingham -

“a hefty album of soul stirring beats and thought provoking rhymes”
DJ Trew -

"it is an album that demands a close listen for what it does well: being an accessible and sophisticated work"
Ryan Snyder - Yes! Weekly

Ghost Dog: the vengeful spirit of hip-hop. Not content to let the art form die out in a commercial fizzle; this NC-based lyricist seamlessly combines razor-sharp wordplay, wickedly-clever concepts, and a limitless spectrum of moods and subject matter into an intelligent and truly unique package.

"I chose Ghost Dog because the essence of the character from the movie fits me nicely, and the Hagakure (which the movie was based on) helped to bring about a major transition in my life. I live and die by a certain code, and betray it for nothing. I have always been drawn to martial arts, Eastern philosophy, and Bushido; and this is often reflected in my music. In fact, when I am not working on music, I'm usually either teaching or training in Kantan Wushu (a system comprised of Ch'uan Fa, Tae Kyon, and Jujutsu); of which I've been a student for the last 10 years. My influences include (but are not limited to): life experiences, personal reflections, martial arts, current events, anime, video games, movies, chess, dreams, 9 to 5 life, battles fought (physically and mentally), and my various encounters with people from all over the world."

"I've played live in Raleigh, NC at Berkeley Café (with Doodlebug of Digable Planets as well as Tanya Morgan), The Lincoln Theater (with Median), The Brewery, The Metro Cafe, Raleigh Music Hall (with Supastition), Katmandu, King's Barcade, The Hi-5, The Red Room, Ruckus Pizza, and NC State Campus. I've performed in Greensboro, NC at 103.1 WUAG and wrecked numerous freestyle cyphas. In Chapel Hill, NC, I've rocked Mansion 462 with Kenn Starr and Kev Brown; and also performed at The Blend. In Wilmington, NC, I’ve performed numerous times at The Whiskey & The Soapbox. I’ve rocked parties, shows, and weddings in Taipei, Taiwan and Negril, Jamaica. Most recently I had the honor of performing in the presence of Talib Kweli, who sought me out after my set to tell me my music was an inspiration, & also of opening for Cappadonna from Wu-Tang, who actually stopped mid-set to show appreciation & respect for what I do. I really enjoy performing at shows, and I also love organizing quality hip-hop shows. Every time I do one or the other is a special moment."

"I'm not going to try to gas ya head up; I just try to make the type of hip-hop I like to listen to. It's different; sometimes it's got a message, sometimes I just like to flip tha wordplay. I work with an assortment of producers that spend a lot of time at what they do. I myself have been honing my craft over the last 19 years, and continue to evolve as an MC. I think if you check it out and you even remotely like hip-hop, you'll hear somethin' you like."

Ghost Dog currently has five full-length albums out: “Hidden in the Leaves” (’03), “Out of the Woodworks” (’06), “Relics of tha Lost Art” (’09), “Ghost in the Darkness” (’11); and “Ghost in the Shell” (‘13). His group 1100 Hunters has an album out by the name of “Long-Winded” and is working on their second album “Hunter Season”. They were nominated for the best hip-hop group in NC for the 2012 Carolina Music Awards

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