Built To Spill

Three and a half years in the making, the efforts of writing and recording THERE IS NO ENEMY led Built to Spill founder Doug Martsch to wonder whether this would be the last album he ever makes. As his wife, I watched him work, pouring hour after hour , day after day into writing. Song lyrics were labored over then thrown in the trash, guitar parts revised again (and again). A musician and artist like Doug edits far more than he keeps.

For over twenty years, Doug Martsch has been writing and recording music. Built to Spill members Brett Nelson (bass), Scott Plouf (drums) Jim Roth (guitar), and Brett Netson (guitar) have all been musicians for two decades. That adds up to more than a century. Doug's strong aesthetic combines with the band members' mix of approaches to create an aural topography. Doug sets course and navigates. Each member of Built to Spill comes to the music with a different set of expectations and ideals.

With the complexity and variety of music they have created, Built to Spill endeavors to make songs interesting to themselves and their audience. They hope that the band will remain special and that people will discover the music for themselves. Year after year, new fans show up. Just like the band members, listeners come to the music with expectations and ideals. They make up their own ideas about the songs.

Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk's format of catchy sing-a-longs and genre-busting breakdowns, built without a theme, will induce a cosmic and slobbering attendance to any dance hall booked. They will show up late, play short sets, eat your food, and sleep in your bed. Nothing but fun will come of it, and you will wake up throbbing weeks after, jonesin' for another round of THE DUNK!

Genders is a four-piece casual rock and roll band from Portland, Ore. Finding a balance between shredding your clothes off and weeping softly in the corner, Genders’ performance will move you…be it physically or emotionally.
Want your face melted? Want your toes tapping? Want to hold hands with your sweetie? Come to a Genders show and have the night of your life.

Voted one of Portland’s Best New Bands of 2013 by the Willamette Week, their current self-titled EP has been topping out the airplay charts at OPB music. After a busy summer of festivals, Genders continues to work furiously on their full-length album, due in the fall of 2013…when they will embark on their first national tour, opening many dates for rock ‘n’ roll heroes, Built to Spill.

Genders is comprised of Stephen Leisy on guitar, Matt Hall on bass, Katherine Paul on drums, and Maggie Morris on guitar and vocals.

"Easily one of the most enjoyable and catchy bands in Portland" / APES ON TAPE

"Genders make furry, expansive rock that’s cozier than your favorite sweater; they’re responsible for one of the best live shows in town" / PORTLAND MERCURY

"Their EP is excellent…sparkly, buoyant, and forlorn" / PORTLAND MERCURY

"Strikes a balance between pop and harder-edged rock, past and present, light and dark" / WILLAMETTE WEEK

"Genders recently released self-titled EP is a paradigm of efficient success" / SSG MUSIC

"They cannot be stopped. .. steadily winning over and inspiring everyone around them" / PORTLAND MERCURY

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