Chill NYC Fundraiser with Ben Robey of Ninjasonik, Rocky and the Pressers, Bo Twiggs, Progress

Ben Robey of Ninjasonik

Ben Robey AKA Jah-Jah is a DJ turned vocalist of Brooklyn-based punk/electro/hiphop duo Ninjasonik. Using inspiration from skater lifestyle and the party scene, and musical inspiration from the political attributes of hardcore punk, Ben Robey brings a multi-dimensional, non-superficial energy that fuses mission to music. He exudes a personality so diverse that it sees him gracing billboards in Japan and the cover of the influential street-style book, Street Boners.

Derived from the not-so subtle title “hipster-sonic”, a comic reference to the lifestyle of Brooklyn’s innovative DIY musicians, the name Ninjasonik reveals more of the group’s vision and musical taste’s than they suspect. Ninjasonik are at the helm of a noisy cultural revolution and well on their way to becoming the voice for this new musical generation. Ninjasonik’s method of fusing the old, the new and the esoteric to energize, excite, and connect with their audiences sees them, not only solely producing music, but creating a lifestyle where everyone can claim the right to be who they are, wherever they are, for as long as they want. Where taking risks stimulates creativity, where creativity breeds innovation and where innovation effects change. This is the Ninjasonik formula. Ninjasonik’s mission is clear – non-conformity and rebellion is the origin of innovation.

Rocky and the Pressers

Rocky and The Pressers is a seven piece contemporary reggae band based in The Bronx, New York. The Pressers refresh the traditional genre tropes with lush vocal harmonies and flares of American folk, jazz and soul music. In crafting the thirteen original compositions for their debut album, Dance At The Playhouse, they expand into the orchestral palette by enlisting veteran horn players from Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings and Antibalas, and gifted violinists The Villalobos Brothers. This additional musicianship along with their vocal arrangements and altruistic lyrics, results in a sound that is rhythmically rooted and easily identifiable as reggae that satisfies, even delights the most ardent of purists. Rocky and The Pressers sing about what they know and take loving care of a musical style, often misappropriated in the wrong hands.

Bo Twiggs

Since stumbling upon a Public Enemy video on Yo! MTVRaps as an 8 year-old, Bo has been exploring the world through music and sharing it with anyone within earshot. He has been playing parties of all configurations since 1999, doing his best to meet dancefloors' demands while opening minds.


Progress is a collective of musicians who believe in capturing the essence of music. They're an Afro Latin, Funk Jam band that also draws on influences from rock, soul, RnB, and hip-hop.



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