Skeletron, God Cypher Divine


Just turned on the radio didn't you? Sounds like warm garbage on an island of poop? Well then you and your ears are in for a treat because Skeletron is here. Bringing back the fundamentals of Hip Hop we ourselves were raised on. Rare samples over hard drums and lyrics to make your mother throw her witch hazel on and shimmy on down to the nearest church pancake supper. Skeletron is: Manifest beats on...well...yay your i.q. test wasn't a total guessed DJ Trizzak on ....damn your on fire today...yup...kutting up mud (that means scratching tweedle dee). annnnd Adam Rottin on...well...whats is left? AHHH! Words. And yes many odes from Mr. Rottin on girls, life, drugs, and nerdery shit you would only understand if you know Supermans middle name. Put these three together and you have a big pile of straight AWESOMENESS with a side of bad taste in your tummy. With their first album out with features from the likes of Rah Digga, Celph Titled, KON Sci, Cage and more. Together they have shared the stage with the likes of Murs, Brother Ali, Anti-Pop Consortium, Souls of Mischeif, Digable Planets, Rob Swift, and many more like Hanson and Slayer. Well maybe not the last two but it has always been a dream of ours. So get on board with us and lets rock the fuck out together!

God Cypher Divine

God Cypher Devine is composed of 2 MC's, Creme de la Creme and Mike "Live" from "The Balence/1100 Hunterz". We are influenced by late 80s, early 90s hip hop. I would describe us as Boom Bap with a twist of universal appeal. We are MC's but also producers as we like to continue to make beats alongside rhymin. I think jada said it best, "If all you can do is flow then lifes a bitch like the mother from blow so lets go". We like to have a message in our rhymes but also like to have party tracks. We don't talk about coming from the streets because we didn't. I think what separates us from most groups is our lyrical ability alongside with our beat choice n ears for music.

Hosted by: Tuscon

For fans of KRS One, Wu Tang, and Big Daddy Kane.

Tuscon is hip hop. He lives it and breathes it every day. He grew up in Brooklyn battle rapping against his mother from a young age, and his complete dedication to the craft shows. Making his name in the battle rap circuit in Raleigh, he quickly grew infamous for taking no prisoners. He released a solo album called Strong Arm Down, and then he became a member of the 1100 Hunters. He's known for his nimble flow, raspy but sold voice, and great lyrics. He is heavily influenced by KRS One, Wu Tang, and Rakim.

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