Girls and Boys, Sad Robot

Girls and Boys

After meeting at a Sonoma County open mic in 2008, Josh Barrett and Brianna Lee knew immediately that they wanted to write music together. A bassist and composer, Josh was struck by Brianna’s vocal and songwriting talent; Freshly returned from Nashville, where she’d recorded with producer and songwriter Phil Madeira (Alison Krauss, Emmylou Harris, Elvis Costello) Brianna was ready to take her songwriting to the next level. She found the perfect foil in Josh, who’d amassed years of musical experience, most notably three years playing in a band with guitarist Jimi Macon (The Gap Band, Sly and the Family Stone, James Brown), an experience that taught him multitudes about the music business. The chance meeting between one girl and one boy has resulted in a fruitful musical partnership that grows by the day. Girls and Boys released their first album in October 2011, the impeccably produced The Feel of the Sun. Recorded in top studios around the Bay Area over the course of two years, The Feel of the Sun is filled with emotional, intricately woven songs that conjure feelings of loves lost and found. Four songs from the album have been chosen for the soundtrack of the upcoming film Divorce Invitation, a comedy starring Jamie Lynn Sigler, Elliot Gould and Paul Sorvino, which debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012. The rollicking, honky-tonk song, “Scratch and Scream,” is the featured song in the movie, backing up an extended montage.

Sad Robot is an L.A. based band on the rise. Their unique sound, blending quirky singer/songwriter with angst driven indie rock has been described as post apocalyptic and hopeful at the same time. Cutting, emotionally charged lyrics, find a home in melody and rhythm through performances by Katherine Pawlak, whose honesty in every raw emoted note is mesmerizing whether seducing you with lulling whispers or soaring belts. Their recently debuted album titled "The Beginning of the End" has already started to buzz around the Hollywood scene. Writing the title song, "The Movie", for the upcoming feature film Look At Me (2011) and a 2010 HMMA Nominee for their song "Little Miss Bi-Polar". Sad Robot took the stage as the sole musical guest of the LA Kings at the Staples Center on St Patty's Day (2011), sponsered by 98.7 fm/Rocco's Music Night/Schecter Guitars . Their determination to act out lyrically against all who stand in any Under Dog's way or Rise above any struggle is hypnotically expressed in every song. Whether you are heartbroken or hopeful- you can relate to every word. You can catch them on the Sunset Strip at the Roxy, Viper Room, HOB and others.


Saffell is a sultry, funky, original singer songwriter from Northern California. Saffell uses live looping, layering percussion, bass, vocal harmonies and more to create a rich, full sound. What’s unique about Saffell is that he rocks the keys not the guitar. His soulful, percussive attack on the keys brings as much rhythm to each song as melody. This music will lift you up as sure as it creates a magnetic mood that comes over you sweet and lusty like the moon reflected in a swamp full of dark honey. Influenced by Beck, The Doors, Leon Russell, and more. Saffell brings a danceable groove and top shelf songwriting that will capture any audience.


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