A Free Evening of Music Featuring: Tragic Magic & A Tin Djinn

Tragic Magic

Based out of Goldsboro, North Carolina, pleasing the ears of many due to influence by ever so well known artist such as : Man Man, Beck, Modest Mouse, Animal Collective, Milli Vanilli, Paula Abdual, Tom Waits, and of corse THE EAGLES....... Tragic Magic was born surrogate from a mother who loves to rock and a father who drinks a little to much.

A Tin Djinn

Step right up, ladies and gentleman...dissenters of distilled pop and orphans of the hipster revolution. Experience the phantasmagoric stylings and incomparable force of awe that is A tin djinn. Rising from the ashes of former stalwart Nashville outfit, 'Milkshake?' comes this rather undefinable trio. Lead by formidable archetype, majestic visionary, enforcer of paisley, ambassador of embroidery, and masterful instructor in the art of the muse, on guitar & vocals Eliot Wilcox! On drums & vocals, the diabolical boom boom crooner, sarcastic, slap stick, black lipstick mother bitch with a "bag" full of tricks........Steve Tucci (aka Tooch)!......A tin djinn has set out to breathe a breeze of the bazaar into the local music scene of Raleigh. Lock up your children and hide the chiffon. A tin djinn is coming to a theatre near yooz!



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