16 Sparrows, Rachel Ann Weiss, The Blues and Greys

16 Sparrows

In the summer of 2012 in Venice Beach, California, three brothers found themselves living together for the first time since they were kids. Quickly inspired and enthused by each others’ musical talents, they began combining their unique guitar and vocal styles into an original, authentic sound they were driven to create.

Radiant California beaches and the captivating songs of the Walter brothers soon attracted a Dutch blonde named Madelon. Her sparkling piano and soulful voice captured the brothers’ ears and hearts and the wheels of creation continued to advance. On the front porch of an old house in Venice Beach, CA…16 Sparrows was born.

The group’s energetic acoustic guitars, enchanting piano melodies, and expressive harmonies continued to evolve to include percussion, and at times mandolin, banjo, and the occasional accordion, producing upbeat, adventurous, acoustic driven songs.

16 Sparrows spent the summer of 2013 touring around Europe and are now traveling the West Coast of the United States.

Rachel Ann Weiss

Born and raised in NYC, I've has been singing for as long as I can remember. I first picked up a guitar (my dad's, a gorgeous red sunburst, single cut away Brian Moore) in high school, mostly because I thought it looked cool, and after learning my first song ("The Way" by Fastball... because it's awesome) I never looked back. I've been playing and writing songs ever since, both in bands and as a solo artist.

Recently someone said to me that I sound like "the strange musical love-child of Fiona Apple, Adele, and Bonnie Raitt" and that's a much better and more succinct description of what I'm going for than I usually manage (which is a few minutes of stuttering followed by "um... good music. yeah.")

My first full album which I've just released, entitled "Dear Love", was made with a group of friends that I knew from school who formed an incredible film and music making collaborative group called Mason Jar Music. The record is a collection of nine songs that I've been working on for years, and that in the process of writing/recording have allowed me to become quite well acquainted with the artist I want and intend to be.

The Blues and Greys

Hailing from Santa Barbara, California, the band is fronted by Lindsey Waldon. Growing up the daughter of a jazz singer, Waldon learned at an early age how to project a relaxed vocal styling and sense of swagger. When she was later exposed to punk and electronic music, she embraced the intensity of those genres while still maintaining her unique vocal delivery.


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