Water Liars, Arc & Stones, Parade Grounds

Water Liars

Water Liars is Andrew Bryant and Justin Kinkel-Schuster. They met on tour some time ago and have been friends ever since. Named after the first story in Barry Hannah’s collection Airships, Water Liars began by accident in Pittsboro, MS in late 2011. Justin, who previously spent some time in a St. Louis-based band named Theodore, writes the songs and Andrew makes them better.

The new Water Liars record Wyoming was made in Water Valley, MS in September 2012. Weighted with accumulated evidence from experience, it’s likely to stab anyone who may hear it in the gut and the heart. And then they’ll turn the record over again.

Their first album Phantom Limb was the product of the aforementioned accident; a collection of songs, recorded without aim over one weekend at Bryant’s house in Pittsboro, released by Misra Records in March 2012.

Arc & Stones

Arc & Stones started as a vision between Dan Pellarin (Vocals, Guitar) and Ben Cramer (Lead Guitar). Upon meeting in college back in 2010, ideas were tossed around about starting up a band, but it was not until June of 2012 that Arc & Stones would officially begin. Both Pellarin and Cramer relocated to New York City to begin writing and recording what is now their debut five song EP, “Arc & Stones EP.” During the summer of 2012, Pellarin and Cramer’s mutual friend from college, Eddy Bayes, coincidentally moved up to New York City and began playing bass for the band. The three members eventually completed their lineup after finding their drummer, Joe Doino, from an ad online. By the end of the summer, Arc & Stones, was officially born.

Having their sound described as a mix of alternative-rock, blues and soul, Arc & Stones deliver hard-hitting music from the heart. The band played their first show in September 2012 and has been making a name for themselves through New York City and as a national touring act.

Parade Grounds

Formed in February 2011, Parade Grounds was drummed up by Brooklyn-based guitar player and singer Jared Sochinsky. With a self-titled album released last summer consisting of seven musical gems, the band is set on creating music that is raw with emotion and topped with an indie/folk sound.

The band’s journey may have taken a while to come together, but their music is all the better for it. Sochinsky had been set up to go on tour with Delta Spirit, but due to time restrictions, it didn’t work out. Not to be deterred, he decided to create his own band, recruiting friends Ryan Parker (drums), Doug Drewes (bass), and Andy Emereitz (keyboard). Once they started jamming together, it all clicked. Their first performance as a band was at the now-defunct Brooklyn venue Southpaw, which was also the catalyst for creating their record Parade Grounds. With the help of a generous Kickstarter campaign, they were able to create the album and go on tour to promote it.

Some songs on the album, including “All That I Need” and “When I Wake,” are love songs gone wrong. We can all relate to breakups and the heartache that inevitably follows. Another personal favorite is “Don’t You Know,” which focuses on the depression that America recently experienced and how it sadly affected families. Starting off with harmonics, the slow swaying song really hits you hard when you listen to the lyrics.

Parade Grounds is currently on tour and working on their second album, so if you are in the NYC area, go check them out and their new tunes. You can also stream the entire album on Bandcamp.

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