Cree Rider Family Band

In April 2012, Cree Rider moved his headquarters back to St. Louis, MO, where he was born and raised. Cree Rider Family Band is an alt-country band that leans heavily on americana, honky tonk and rock n' roll roots music.
Cree Rider Family Band is an alt-country band that leans heavily on
americana, honky tonk and rock n' roll roots music. Fans of The Band,
Gram Parsons, Uncle Tupelo or outlaw country singers such as Waylon
Jennings and Willie Nelson should find something to soothe their
souls, shake their shoes, or just plain old get drunk to!

The Hobosexuals

The Hobosexuals are every dirtbag that has ever spun drunk in a soybean field and fell in a pile of cow shit, every snot rocket that has ever put a dog on it, every heart breakin', money takin', tenacious, flirtatious man or women, every jobless hard workin jerk who loves to be here but has to get away. You too can be a Hobosexual!

The Thin Dimes

Brotherhood is something that has always affected music. Nick and Nathan Pence grew up playing sports in their generously sized yard in Kirkwood, Missouri. This quickly changed when their mom got ahold of an off brand, out of tune piano. Once this entered the house, sports fell to the way-side. Nick decided he didn't want to play piano and saved up to buy a guitar. Nathan stuck with piano for the time being, but, before settling on bass, Nathan explored trombone, saxophone, and drums. The brothers grew up in a very musical household. Their dad, Jerry Pence, woke them up on Saturdays with blues music playing through the house. While Nick was in 8th grade his dad took him to an Allman Brothers Concert and Nick was sold. Right when Derek Trucks began his solo on "Jessica," Nick knew what he was going to for the rest of his life. "If music makes me feel this good, it must make others feel like this. I want to be able to make some one feel good." Says Nick, recalling the very moment. He began taking lessons from Clint Wilson. Nick contributes everything he knows to Clint. "He showed me how to think. How to turn my curiousity into answers. As I returned with more and more questions, it became apparent that questions were the answer, when it came to music." Says Nick. It wasn't until Nick got to college that he truly appreciated all that Clint gave him. Clint taught Nick what Nick wanted to learn, and then taught him how it worked. "Everytime I play I think of Clint. What would Clint do? Clint's natural curiousity always intregued Nick and kept him wanting to learn more.

From the beginning, the Pence brothers, Nick, Nelson, and Nathan, were playing music together. Nelson and Nathan had a band together called "The Refuggee's" while Nick's first band was an acoustic duo called "Time Pieces." These bands faded and in late high school, Nick began calling the consistant group of musicians showing up to his shows, Last Minute. This came from the fact that he would book shows before even having people to play them. Then at the last minute, he would round up a group. As time went on, the group became more and more consistant. Also while in high school, Nick started going to Highway 61 Roadhouse every Tuesday night for a blues jam. It was there where he met Paul Rhodes. Paul was well known at the Roadhouse, known for his mature style at such a young age. The first time Nick went to the jam he asked Paul and his dad " how does this work?" They responded saying, "that's a good question." With that they invited him to sit with them at their table.

Paul started playing music very young. He found his mom's old, rusty, harmonica and began playing it. He said "it took more air than I had to offer to get sound out of that thing, but somehow I made it happen." Paul recalls getting his first harmonica, "I took it out of the case and I was so used to that old rusty one that I expected this one to be the same. The first time I blew air through it I thought it blew up!" Pauls ears took a liking to Eric Clapton and with that Paul began guitar. It wasn't until a year after Nick and Paul met that they actually began playing together. While in college Nick met Hannah Satterwhite. They lived across the hall from one another and began singing songs together in the hallway. Hannah grew up in Columbia, Missouri. As she was growing up, she and her parents would sing and play music together. Her mom is a vocal teacher in Columbia. She was bound to sing. Sharing a love for folk music, they developed quite the list of songs. They mainly played their acoustic stuff together until Nick decided to invite her to a band practice. The personalities all fit, and she began coming to more and more practices.

With the core of the band established, the musical interests began to expand. Nathan took a real liking to jazz, and Nick and Paul fell in love with old-time folk tunes. The blues band added a whole side to their shows and began booking under different genres. Folk for the coffee shops and blues for the bars. Now in the process of combining the two sets, they strive to keep true to their roots while craving growth and new sounds. "People make up a band, not musicians. This is a group of good-hearted people who want to receive and give nothing but the truth." Says Nick.


Jack Grelle

Jack Grelle is a Missouri-boy sing'n the songs of the road and the people he's surrounded by...



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