Whiskey Daredevils

Are the Whiskey Daredevils the best country punkabilly band in the world? Probably, but that’s maybe because they might be the only ones on the planet that really do what they do. Think we’re crazy? OK…Then tell us, what band on the planet combines the energy of punk rock, the raw honesty and twang of American country music, and the attitude of classic 60’s garage rock? Nobody we can think of… The problem with “marketing” a band like the Whiskey Daredevils is they don’t fit into an existing genre. Instead they have taken over their own exclusive niche in the musical landscape. They’re not rockabilly because they don’t play old instruments and sing about time capsule concepts like soda shops and sock hops. No flaming skull tattoos here…They sure aren’t psychobilly because there’s no cheap Halloween makeup or ill advised songs about zombies. Well, what the hell are they doing? Maybe they’re just writing honest songs about what goes on in their corner of the world (Cleveland, Ohio), and playing them in a way that comes naturally…

Rumble Club

Greasers unite! Psychobilly Rockers raise your drinks! This is heavy, gritty bar brawling rock and roll, there is a lot of pickin', strummin' and bendin'. The beats are just as you would expect: fast and furious. The songs are about gambling, murder, the devil and leaving town. While the band hits on some roots rock vibes with punk rock and psychobilly overtones the most striking feature of Rumble Club is the lead vocalist. On several occasions Jack Coray delivers a dead on Johnny Cash. He can bring it in tight and low or bellowing and voracious, adding to the maddeningly fast rhythms laid down by the rest of the band. And get this, he’s also the lead guitarist! His pickin’ style has been called a cross between Carl Perkins, Junior Brown and Duane Eddy,...fricken' incredible! Joined by Rhythm guitarist Jay “Chewy” Clark, Bassist Alex "Bones" Becket and Drummer Mark Santoro They've got a tight sound, and are very aggressive in their approach to a well defined and scrutinized genre. Fans of fast paced country doused rockabilly, psychobilly and even roots rock should check out the power of the Rumble Club.

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Additional $3 at the door for 18-20.

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