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Organ Grinder

Better Looking People With Superior Ideas

In the summer of 2010 Nick Norton and Craig Vermeyen found themselves at a crossroads of sorts. They had both recently moved to Los Angeles. They had both recently finished school. They were both starting new jobs and experiencing tumultuous times in their love lives. Being that the two had played together for many years in the band Honest Iago, they thought that all of this could only mean one thing: that it was a good time to start a new project and write songs about all the stuff that was happening.
They began jamming and recording in Nick's living room, with Craig playing drums and singing, and Nick playing an organ he had found at a garage sale that made a weird sound when you put your head near it. Songs took shape quickly during their sessions, and in 2011 they moved in together to record an album. They decided to name their new project Better Looking People With Superior Ideas, after misremembering an LCD Soundsystem lyric.
The original intention had been to write a bunch of simple, accessible pop songs. Most of their friends said they wouldn't be able to pull it off, and most of their friends were right. They did, however, manage to write a genre-bending mishmash of a debut EP in the process. Mixed by Nick Tipp and mastered by Carl Saff, the record came out on January 1, 2013. A set of shows in support of the record kicked off then too. Stay tuned.

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