Jessie Bridges Record Release with Megan Keely and Jamestown Revival

Jessie Bridges

Singer-songwriter, Jessie Bridges, has been putting in some serious studio time this past year and is excited about taking her craft to a new level. Her latest songs reflect a variety of experiences she’s had while moving around the past couple years, finding herself living in places that are quite different from the laid-back California lifestyle she’s always known.
At the age of 13 Jessie’s Dad (actor, Jeff Bridges) gave her a very special gift—her first guitar. Growing up she was exposed to the music her parent’s listened to in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s; so, naturally, those were the songs and styles she was attracted to most. As her talent developed, she began to also explore the complicated world of translating feelings into lyrics.
With influences from The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Everly Brothers, to Wilco, Jenny Lewis and Neko Case, Jessie explores music in a way that hooks the listener both lyrically and melodically. Due to her multitude of inspirations, it's been difficult for her to attach herself to any one genre of music. Perhaps that's the very reason why she appeals to so many different people!
Truly an introspective artist, Jessie explains that, “writing songs is about personal expression. It’s a way to pick apart all the knotted up memories, stories, and experiences that accumulate over time. [She] didn’t realize that others related to her struggles and triumphs until she started sharing [her] songs…exposing others to [her] dark and light sides…showing [her] true, vulnerable self.”
And it’s because of the way she stumbles down her own rocky path that most people will find something special in Jessie Bridges; her songs seem to resonate in a way that leaves you wanting more.

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Megan Keely

Bay Area born and raised, Megan has now gone out on a limb. She spent this winter in Nashville Tennessee, creating her second CD in collaboration with some of the finest musicians of her generation. The resulting 'Deciduous' is spectacular, from the first plucked fiddle riff to the last, exhausted sigh.

Megan's path to Deciduous - a word that means "dropping leaves at maturity" - started comparatively late in life: she didn't pick up an instrument until she went off to Cornell University to study Landscape Architecture. But those childhood years she spent on the road with her dad's psychedelic rock band must have given her roots: by 2008 she and her brother Brandon had started recording collaborations in his Manhattan apartment, and by 2010 she had written the collection of songs that became "Acorn Collection" - the CD that earned her a spot on KFOG's Local Scene Sampler and an invitation by T Bone Burnett to submit songs for potential inclusion in the blockbuster Hunger Games soundtrack. 'Rules', the song she and Brandon recorded for that release with the lovely Jayme Dee on vocals, also appears on Deciduous with Megan's own voice lamenting post apocalyptic love in a dazzling arrangement.

All of the songs on Deciduous grew magically as Megan and Brandon collaborated in studio with their musical heroes including Brittany Haas (Crooked Still, Steve Martin), Kai Welch (Abigail Washburn, The Greencards), and Nathaniel Smith (Yo-Yo Ma, Bela Fleck, Sarah Jarosz, Chris Thile). The songs go in many different directions, from cinematic to R&B to contemporary folk to late-night bar room to old-time ballad. And yet they weave together beautifully, with key changes and tempos and instrumentation that keep the focus on Megan's heartfelt songwriting and delicate, honey-coated vocals.

If you've not wanted to take Acorn Collection out of your CD player, you now have a reason to do so: lean forward with your eyes closed and Deciduous will set your head spinning.

Jamestown Revival

Jamestown Revival is an idea formed by Jonathan Clay & Zach Chance. For lack of a better word, it could be called a "duo", but that just doesn't quite capture the essence of their delivery. This band is two-man rock & roll, and the closest possible categorization one could label it with would sound something like "indie-rock with a southern slant". Drawing on influences ranging from The Band, to Simon and Garfunkle, Jamestown Revival's sound is harmony driven and rooted in southern soul. The two are childhood friends, and the chemistry is evident when seeing them perform. Formed in 2011, the band has already been featured on the Carson Daly Show, as well as Rolling Stone Magazine. With a self-produced EP that reached #12 on the iTunes charts, the duo has criss-crossed the country, playing everywhere from dive bars to amphitheaters.

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