Buddha Doobie

Seven mounted time travelers met up at the crossroads where they had lost themselves and found their way. They were compelled towards an inner abyss of desire born from its own prohibition, while sifting through time with inter-dimensional riffage. Cavernous vaults of laughter catapulted them into endless labyrinths of fascination, curiosity and hallucinogenic wonder. They formed a band.

The Buddha was their friend. He almost smiled almost all the time when he was almost looking at them. He never complained about ash or noise. He laughed at them endlessly the way the dead laugh at the living.

Drag Queen Willie

Four Dudes with instruments in Oakland making music with a penchant for 70s hard rock groove and psychedelia.

The Henchmen of Paradise

$5.00 - $6.00


Advanced Tickets are available online until 5pm on the day of the show and a reserve of tickets are generally available at the door that night, unless posted on the Starry Plough website, Facebook and Twitter pages as sold out. http://www.starryploughpub.com

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