Mount Whateverest

The Highest Band On Earth.

With a peak at 29,000 feet above sea level, Mount Everest in Nepal is one of the world’s tallest mountains. The musicians who comprise the Nevada City rock band Mount Whateverest have been to similar heights. Singer and guitarist Chris Streng (ex-Stratford 4) plays the role of Edmund Hilary, the first Westerner to scale such heights while the rhythm section of bassist Steve Melendez and drummer Jonah Wells (ex-Jeepster) combine to embody Tenzing Norgay, the patient Sherpa who led the way while Hilary reaped the glory. Aided by Cynthia Harrell and Sasha Soukup (ex- Sasha and the Shamrocks) on vocals and keetar, they form a musical unit capable of reaching staggering heights.

Their music is a noisy collision of sugar-coated pop, space-jazz interludes and giant, classic rock riffs. Chanted school yard choruses combine with thumping glam rhythms to create the kind of day-glow rock and roll not heard since T. Rex roamed the Earth. Armed with distortion boxes, lasers and lots of extra oxygen, Mount Whateverest are so high, they’re breaking through into the bottom of something else entirely.

El Elle

EL ELLE is a solo music and artistic endeavor by Lisa Light (ex-Lovemakers). The project is designed to be realized simultaneously on a variety of media and levels, although it will always spring from the music compositions. The method is divining ongoing collaborations with other artists, dancers, and musicians to continually evolve the initial work into something ever more dimensional, layered, and inspiring. The Full-Length debut EL ELLE album is an eclectic batch of vocal-driven songs that explores a variety of musical expressions of the unstable love condition. From the hyper-danceable Astral Plain, to druggy psychedelic double ballad, Honey, I'm Home, to a chilling post- Phil Collins Heartbeat, over to Iceland where the B-52's harmonies ethereally disclaim the virtues of Euro Girls, and closing with a Brian Eno ambient and Tibetan bowls - inspired meditation drone, Glam Tram. Sometimes Fun, sometimes Strange, EL ELLE always strives for the true expression of an emotional moment. The instrumentation is bass, guitar, analog synths, layered vocals, live and sampled drums, and violin. A few magical moments by guitarist Mason Lindahl, and also by experimental electronic artist, Wobbly, enhance the otherwise singularly executed pieces by Ms. Light.

Female Trouble

Crawling from the gutters of your mom's house, Female Trouble has emerged to paralyze the Guitar Center nation. Cha-cha heels? Check. Yourself.

Band Interests
pandering, pupus, pink champagne on ice

$6.00 - $8.00


Advanced Tickets are available online until 5pm on the day of the show and a reserve of tickets are generally available at the door that night, unless posted on the Starry Plough website, Facebook and Twitter pages as sold out.

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