Hi, we are The Mitchells and we write and play original music in our hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. We played our first show as a group in October of 2012, and our first year will have included recording and releasing a five song E.P. we named The Bird Feather E.P. and a steady dose of practice and shows. Fast forward the time clock all the way up to now this very moment, and we have played all around the region very late at night in late night establishments most recently in Lexington, Indianapolis, Louisville, Athens, Dayton, and Columbus.

Mostly we play here locally in Cincinnati at our favorite places MOTR, Northside Tavern, Mayday, Pike Street, The Comet and The Southgate House Revival. This summer we opened the second annual Bunbury Music Festival here in Cincinnati and more recently we were selected to play at this year's MidPoint Music Festival which happened in September.

For the record, we have also been recording 10+ new songs that we plan on releasing this winter. We are very excited about this recording, our first full length long play album of songs.

Our music and the composition behind it has been described in nostalgic terms by many of our friends. We think that we make tunes that sound like us and that have a balance of melody and voicing. As a band we like to mix in pieces that accent the score without dominating any of the other parts. Our songs are a growing mix of things that individual songwriters have brought into the group as well as things that we have developed together when inspired. We think this is what makes our shows interesting because the perspective changes a little from tune to tune and from part to part. When things show up that are good we like to showcase those things and bring them out to shine.

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Ben Knight and The Welldiggers

Ben Knight plays American music. Kentucky Country music. A noble homage to generations of toil and progress. He and his band the Welldiggers bring new and original tunes that catch your attention with equal parts nostalgia and intrigue.

“To me, it’s all about the live show. I think that’s what drew me to music in the first place — the electricity in the room at a really good live show,” Knight says. “While a live show is a place to showcase musicianship and performing, I think an album is the place to showcase songwriting — being able to appreciate the lyrical content, how the words are arranged, the cadence. The biggest thing for me, after it’s done, after I’ve written it, is whether or not I give a shit about the people I’m talking about in the song — whether they’re characters or whether they’re myself.”

These are the songs of blue-collar workers, hard-luck cases and folks for whom being called a ne'er-do-well would be a step up the social ladder. Everything that's neat and tidy here gets scuffed up; every sentimental note meets a conflicted lyric or dissonant chord; every soothsayer gets a busted lip.

kp - baritone ukulele, sequencer, live looping



Addl. $3 at the door for 18-20.

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