Dustin Hamman

Dustin Hamman

Me: I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and was wowed at an early age by the songwriting of Simon Joyner. I started writing my own songs a few years later and finally, after several more years of trying to write and sound like a variety of people I thought were awesome, I realized that was not the point. That’s when I started Run On Sentence in Portland Oregon. I try to stay open to a variety of musical styles. I have always been particularly fascinated by American Indian singing and tend to appreciate indigenous styles of folk music from around the world.
The Band: We started out with a rotating cast, which worked well for many years. However, we’ve recently settled a solid core group. Perry Pfister on Upright Bass, Dan Galucki on Drums, John Whaley on Trumpet and Justin Fowler on Electric Guitar. John Reski often plays an additional trumpet in the Portland area while Amanda Lawrence, Jason Leonard, and Julie Gliniany have all been known to sit in from time to time. I sometimes perform solo under the same name but these people add so much to the music that it hardly seems fair. We aim to play for the love of it and hope to connect with other people to make the world a friendlier and more open place to breathe. Please feel free to contact us with questions, comments, or concerns, or for any other honest reason you can think up.


"Tiburones" in a wild new musical project joining the sometimes unhinged vocals of "Y La Bamba's" Luz Elena Mendoza with fiery intensity of Nick Delffs of "Shaky Hands" and Death Songs. Luz and Nick began collaborating when "Y La Bamba" and "Death Songs" toured the west coast in 2012.
During that tour they discovered a mutual reverence that sung louder than words. After Touring with The Lumineers in 2012 Mendoza finished writing Y La Bamba's EP "Oh February" Inspired by the journey and the adventure Nick and Luz began to collect there songs with a raw approach
"The Thrill of creating new music overwhelmed us and gave us a path to celebrate life with others." she said.
The Vibrant, Incessant beat of "Tiburones" is a intoxicating three piece with enchanting harmonies and syncapated percussion, electric guitar, bass, and keys. Influenced by Neil Young, Patti Smith, Richard Brautigan and the pulse of the Velvet Underground. "TIburones" Frames the sound of folk with Beat heavy rhythms and songs that split the sea.

Lone Madrone

Together, this band really knows how to bring the house down. They have described their music as 'Foot-Stompin' Acoustic Bliss'..but let me elaborate: Personally, I think they have a really eclectic approach - it's a bit western-tinged, alt-country / Folsom-Prison-Blues-vibed charm with harmonic moments of magic... They have severe mojo and the talent to stand out. Their songwriting is thoughtful to a fault, every note and word is perfectly written, but their edges are loose and wild and their live shows feel like spontaneity took its top off and flashed your granny.

$6.00 - $8.00


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