Don Tjernagel, Andy Landgrebe, Jake Vevera, Andrew Thomas, Daniel Frana

Don Tjernagel

Don "Donzilla" Tjernagel has run rampant on stages across the country before. Tjernagel started his stand-up career in 1997 and has continued to figuratively crash his way through audiences comfort zone ever since. Since his debut in Las Vegas, Don "Donzilla" Tjernagel has fine-tuned his show. After a brief period of dormancy, Tjernagel has continued to add to and update bits and pieces to his routine. Now Don "Donzilla" Tjernagel has created a monster of a show for those willing to sit down and watch as he deconstructs long held institutions with his dirty sense of humor

Andy Landgrebe

Andy Landgrebe is a graduate of the Second City Chicago and Improv Olympic Hollywood programs. His standup career began in college at the University of Iowa and has performed in numerous comedy venues in Washington D.C., Chicago and Los Angeles area. He is a writer for the sports magazine The Heckler and reviews movies on He is recently a graduate of the University of Iowa Creative Writers Workshop. He has performed with Dom Irrera, Neal Brennen, Alonzo Bodden to name a few. Andy's favorite food is all of them.

Jake Vevera

Jake Vevera is what you get when you combine the wit of a scholar with them mouth of a sailor. One of Iowa City's funniest comedians, Jake has left audiences all around the state laughing hysterically with his brand of humor. Jake has recently recorded a DVD that will be available soon.

Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas was born in the 80's, and was therefore raised to believe that the things he says matter and people care about them. Luckily, he's also pretty funny, so that's occasionally true. Most of his comedy is drawn from his real-life experiences, which, as a young father, an internet addict, and an Iowa City cab driver, he has no shortage of. Still a relative newcomer to comedy, he has risen quickly as a fan-favorite, so come see him, why not?

Daniel Frana

Daniel Frana is a comic originally from the backwood hills of Northeast Iowa. Due to an overactive pineal gland Daniel spreads lampoonery with good cheer everywhere he goes. You may have seen him at the Yacht Club in Iowa City, The Establishment Theater in Rock Island, The Wonder Bar in Chicago, or as a finalist in both the Funniest Iowan and IC4 Comedy Competitions. He's worked with comedians such as Tim Sullivan, Tom Sharpe, Jessi Campbell, and Brooks Wheelan. Come out and see why this young pup is one of the best up-and-coming Midwest comedians!



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