Eternal Fair

Eternal Fair

With a palate for stratospheric anthems, a penchant for charismatic storytelling, and vocal harmonies that could tame the wildest of animals, Eternal Fair is turning heads all over the Pacific Northwest with their brand of psych-prog-pop rock. Their debut full-length album, The Horse That Carries The Wheel, has quickly garnered praise from critics. The Stranger’s Sean Jewell said of THTCTW, ”…Andrew Vait is a studied vocalist whose music is built on an armature of dreamy folk rock, but whose jazz proclivities, and vocal gifts, push his work to conceptual/rock opera heights. THTCTW lets its freak flag fly by bringing a backline of keys to the forefront which…makes listening comprable to getting punched in the aural gut after Vait’s got you looking up.” Lemonade Magazine rated THTCTW 5 out of 5 stars and advised, “Eternal Fair is sure to find incredible success from their debut album. This band is doing all the right things to make it big, not only in Seattle, but worldwide. Now is the time to hop on the Eternal Fair bandwagon.” Influenced by the likes of My Morning Jacket, Sigur Ros, Jeff Buckley, and Pink Floyd, singer/songwriter Andrew Vait’s compositions and musicianship, along with the talents of bassist Chris Jones and drummer Daniel Nash, seamlessly weave vintage soul with modern funk, psychedelic rock with lyrical pop, the sophistication of jazz and the nostalgia of folk.

Animal Eyes

We grew up in a place where we had to drive 75 miles to get to the next town, and that town had a population of 4000. Five years old, looking out the car window for two hours. Wide open space, mountains across the ocean, mountains across the tundra. The tops touch the clouds, the sky isn't far away. Everything is bigger and older than four people in a four person subaru wagon. 18 years old, writing songs on a bluff overlooking the Alaska Range. The rivers run south through the mountains, towards the ocean.
Drinking beers by a bonfire and talking about playing music, about moving to Portland. 19 years old, getting in the car with the guitars, singing songs and driving south-bound down the Alcan highway.

There's something about growing up in a place that's so much bigger than any one person that gives you an appreciation for the grand scope of existence. And when it's night and there's five feet of snow outside and you and your friends are gathered around a cast iron stove in the middle of a yurt playing guitars, singing, and drinking beer, you learn what it means to be a warm-blooded human living with other warm-blooded humans in a small space surrounded by cold dark nothing for miles around.

And when you're young, out of school, and you've lived your whole life in the same small town in Alaska, you have to get the hell out and go see what's going on elsewhere. Like Portland. Where a bunch of your favorite bands are from. On top of that, a jazz bass player that used to play with Miles Davis tells you it's the place to be. And then you find out that four of your friends from Alaska are already moving down there, and you decide to start a band with them just to see what happens, and it turns out to be something you're truly excited about. At least that's what happened to us.

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