The Grahams

The Grahams

The Grahams, the creative union of lifelong romantic partners Alyssa and Doug Graham, combine soulful bluegrass with hints of earthy Americana, adding colors from traditional folk and country blues, into an infectious blend of storytelling that results in songs of love, loss, yearning, and the view from rural American roads less traveled.

A Thousand Years at Sea

"Rock & Roll collides with Celtic-Americana in an electrifying mash-up of musical worlds you haven’t heard anywhere else. At a show, you might witness a Springsteen song expertly blended with an original fiddle tune or a brand new original song crafted around a centuries-old traditional tune from the Scottish Highlands. It’s new, it’s different, and you don’t want to miss it.

Fiddlers, guitarists, singers, and songwriters, Colin Cotter and Ethan Lewis do it all – and they do it in high-energy, passionate performances where they hold nothing back and lay all their cards on the table, uplifting audiences with heartfelt compositions and arrangements. Cotter and Lewis form the core of the ever-evolving exploration of contemporary American songwriting and the living tradition of Celtic music called, “A Thousand Years at Sea,” and are joined on this musical adventure by groove-master Isaac James on djembe and drum kit. The music ATYAS crafts stays true to the band’s roots in folk music, but is constantly growing in exciting new ways, integrating Celtic, rock, Americana, West African rhythms, and instrumental improvisation “into something sweet and subtle” (Sacramento News Review).

Known for his inventive and intricate tune writing, Ethan’s lyrical and rhythmic fiddling brings an infectious energy to audiences. Colin has made a name for himself as a skilled multi-instrumentalist – he is a self-taught guitarist, mixing influences from around the world, and draws from a family tradition in Finnish fiddling. Neil’s unique piano style is based in Cape Breton traditional music, but draws heavily from many other genres, including jazz, funk, and Latin music. On djembe and drum kit, Isaac’s background in African drumming traditions meets funk, jazz, and rock to bring a wave of drive and energy to the mix. Each band member has shared the stage with many of the acoustic music world’s finest musicians, and have performed extensively at top venues around the United States and internationally.

The band’s most recent release, the EP “Tree Pool” (2014), showcases the current ATYAS lineup (Cotter/Lewis/James) and features 4 all-new, original tracks that form part of the constantly-growing and impressively extensive ATYAS repertoire. The guys tour on this new material, much of it still unrecorded, in addition to music from their previous studio releases. “The Stillness Here” (2012), is an illustration of the way a band can morph with time – the songwriting stems from the same place, but the arrangements lean more toward folk-rock than ATYAS’ debut release, “Silver Shores Await” (2009), and continues the trend in this direction set by their 2011 EP, “We Will Fall Apart.”"

The Far Country

The Far Country is an American tour de force, capturing a snapshot of the entire country's tragic depths and persistent hope through one man's personal struggles. Front man Kyle Neal has played guitar for Brother and toured with Robert Jon and the Wreck for two years. He's been writing music since he was 14 and his latest EP, Morning Light, shows the kind of maturity that can only come from having toured coast to coast experimenting with everything from love to alcohol to Jesus Christ.

The songs on the Morning Light EP come from a place of brutal honesty. Brimming with hymnal triumph, The Far Country takes you to the depths of their personal hell and back, finding reasons to still rejoice along the way. Kyle Neal's voice is inflected with a biblical cadence and weight that brings to mind the poems of William Butler Yeats, if Yeats drank Southern whiskey and could carry a tune. At the end of the bottle, The Far Country manages to strike a uniquely American sound that is at once both unflinchingly honest and true to experience.

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