Learning Team

Learning Team

Buried beneath the complex instrumentation of this Pacific Northwest five-piece's music is simplicity; straightforward Pop songs unabashedly from the heart, born of the overcast skies and midnight house shows of Bellingham, Washington.

Learning Team's sudden success has a little to do with the band's sound...What Learning Team has going for it, though, is an absence of pretense. The band succeeds on the basis of the songwriting, much of which drops back in influence to the glory days of pristine indie pop like Death Cab for Cutie." - Weekly Volcano

Susy Sun

Singer/Songwriter Susy Sun is a breath of fresh air in the hustle and bustle of music today. She writes indie folk music with a pop twist, and uniquely blends her original piano compositions to create art that has elegantly taken hold of the attention of music lovers of all genres.

Audiences have immediately fallen in love with that unique and sweet voice that compliments her neo-classical sound on the keys. That voice – a sweet rasp with a wholesome touch – is what everyone is talking about, as she emerges onto the indie music scene after years of daydreaming about being a musician. This passion has translated into heartfelt and elegant live performances that showcase her pure talent and the art of composition.

After finding music at a young age, tasting the corporate life, taking off to teach music in London, and then finding inspiration among fellow artists, Susy Sun is now picking apart the complexities of our simple, beautiful lives, through song.

$8.00 - $10.00


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