Tramps and Thieves are a new classic rock band who write their own songs. Following the lead of bands like the Rolling Stones, the Band and CCR, they are a worldwide phenomenon and everyone loves them.

Shawn Johnson & The Foundation

Shawn Johnson, raised in Boston, Massachusetts, and is a soulful singer/songwriter whose life experiences provide him the opportunity to create music with a passion that is heard in his lyrics and felt in his stage presence. His music is best described as a lyric-oriented blend of alternative rock and folk, designed for live performances. Influenced by artists such as Counting Crows, Ani DiFranco, Dave Matthews, Public Enemy and Riche Havens; Shawn's musical style is an eclectic mix of enthusiasm, creativity, and energy. "Shawn Johnson's brilliantly catchy acoustic and electric guitar lines combined with his powerfully poetic lyrics are enough to stand alone," said Justin Knight, Knot Known Records, Inc.

Shawn Johnson moved to the Phoenix area in 1995, along with headlining hundreds of shows in the valley, he has opened for bands such as Phish, Dave Matthews Band, Fiona Apple, Reel Big Fish, Medeski, Martin and Wood, Sneaker Pimps, Rusted Root, Incubus, Linkin Park and Charlie Hunter. He has been nominated and received a number of awards including, "New Times Best of Phoenix" (1998), "The Edge Locals Only Competition" (2000), and "Arizona Infusion of Music Award" (2002). In the summer of 2001, Shawn Johnson & The Foundation toured in Denver and Boulder Colorado. Upon returning to the valley, they recorded their latest album 'Strength'. Following a successful release, the band hit the road touring Boston and Cape Cod, where they played at the House of Blues and the Pride Festival in Cambridge for a crowd of 40,000. Shawn's career plans include a solo acoustic tour, a full band tour, a major label release, and continuing collaborations with other artists.

In the meantime, Shawn will continue to play with the raw passion that shoots straight to his fans' souls. "Music is so personal; Everything has a purpose in life, and as long as my songs are affecting somebody, even one person, then the time I took to write that song, and the effort it took to play it… was all worth it" -- Shawn Johnson

Quarter Inch Crown

Quarter Inch Crown is a energetic band that has enjoyed its current lineup: Brett Eklund, David Renner, Troy Gag, and Jennifer Glenn since 2004. This four piece is an uncommon open-minded operation. Everybody sings and writes in this story driven enterprise where lyrics and music hold equal importance.Those who see a QIC show for the first time are excited by the unity and charisma of this raw, bluesy rock and roll band. Great dynamic control and unique 2,3, and 4 part harmonies are common characteristics of a set that varies widely due to the vast range of musical influences such as; Cake, Portishead, The Avett Brothers, and Rage Against the Machine.

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