The Heart Rock 2013

Bottle of Justus

Chris and Joe Quinlan grew up in small Midwestern town far away from big city lights. They wrote songs for their mother Barbara Jean who had the sense to expose them to the Beatles as children. The brothers Quinlan split for college along with Justus Woolever at the age of 18 and befriended Erik Bogdonas and Jeff Johnson who play drums and bass respectively. They embarked on a musical morph from party band to recording artists and quickly became known as Bottle of Justus.
"BOJ" release a few CDs and tour around the country playing in front of lots of people. They know they are on the right track when Wesley Willis records a song about them whipping a Llama's ass.
Bottle of Justus churn our heartfelt original music fueled by the toil of twin brothers with an unbridled independent spirit. They will come to your town and grind out a show to remember, drink all your beer and share the deli tray with the crowd. BOJ care not about the how many brown M&M's are in the bowl backstage. They will however, bring the backstage back to the hotel with the latest afternoon checkout in your town.
God forbid they find your home first.
BOJ continues to pull off the great Rock and Roll swindle by doing it all themselves and answering to nobody. They'll even tell you a story or two. So make sure to ask them about being strapped in Iowa City with Evan Dando. - Joe Chrisman

JuJu Jonny

In 2012 Tony Suits and his long time friend, drummer Billy Belshaw, after years of playing in a variety of bands, started talking about getting back to playing the blues. A month later Dan Carroll came on board as a bass player, and shortly thereafter JuJu Jonny & The HooDoo Hounds was formed. With thick rich bass lines, in the pocket drums, and powerhouse guitars, these three hit the road running and never looked back. In the late spring of 2013 Belshaw suddenly passed away. With one of the two original HooDoo Hounds being gone, Tony decided to drop "HooDoo Hounds" from their moniker. It's simply JuJu Jonny nowPO Box 994 Morton, Illinois 61550 (309) 267-1147 -or- (309) 642-0196

Tony Suits: Although he was born and raised in the Peoria area, one quick listen to Tony and you will soon realize that his roots in music have been influenced by blues artists from all along the Blues highway that connects the Delta to Chicago. He has been referred to as a “go to” utility man by bands around the country for many years. Bands that he has played with include Dranem, Contraband, HeavenFire, the Red Eye Blues Band, and in recent years with Coyote Cadillac based out of Peoria. He has traveled throughout the world as a session and studio musician, playing in such countries as the UK, France, Ghana, and Nigeria. Listening to him play you can hear the influences of Albert King, Freddie King, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray, and other blues greats. "I listened to all the old blues greats coming up. If you hear them in a lick, it's because they all made an impact on me", says Suits.
John Janowsky: John “Skooter” Janowsky is the newest member of JuJu Jonny, and he also has deep roots into the Peoria music scene. John established himself long ago as an outstanding drummer and percussionist with several Peoria-area based bands, including Mickey Finn and the Johnny Cosmos Band. He also had a stint as the drummer for Out Of Order and the FIBS, both of which also included Jimmy Earp, a long time Peoria musician He and Suits worked together for 2 years playing together with Earp in Coyote Cadillac. With the passing of Belshaw, Tony invited Janosky to come and give JuJu Jonny a try. Never one to embrace the blues, Janosky was a little hesitant. He told Suits, "As long as it's fun, I'll play." He started with JuJu Jonny and hasn't looked back since.
Dan Carroll: Having started playing in 1980, Dan Carroll is no stranger to the Peoria music scene by any means. He has worked with Flaming Otis, Joe Raider, Grand Larson, Blue Skillet, and most recently with Paradise Lost. Like Janosky, when he was invited to sit in with Suits and Belshaw, he didn't know what to expect. It didn't take him long to embrace the concept and get knee deep into the blues. Says Carroll, "Playing with John and Tony has been special. John is an excellent drummer with great timing, and Tony kicks ass across the board. JuJu Jonny is all about the JuJu, and together we make it happen!"



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