Tyrone Wells

Tyrone Wells is 6 foot 4. He’s bald because he’s never really liked his hair, so he just shaves it right off. He’s a white guy (a surprising fact to many). He has four older sisters. He originally hails from Washington State. His dad taught him how to yodel. He wanted to be a pro athlete, but wasn’t even close to having what it takes. He picked up an acoustic guitar and fell in love. He’s writing this bio. He’s referring to himself in the third person. He believes Jesus is for real. He loves being a husband and a father. He tours quite a bit. He’s trying to find some sort of balance in this crazy busy world. He’s thinking about going back to a good old-fashioned flip phone. He’s never written a “hit” song, but some people really like them anyways. He hopes you are “some people.” He thinks maybe some day he will write a hit song, but he acknowledges that he also thought he would be a pro athlete. He likes to think that he sings from his soul. He is super stoked that you’re checking him out right now. Thanks for reading & listening. Peace.

A couple stat lines that my managers think might impress you:
-New album "Roll With It" to be released in March 2015 along with a national headlining tour
-Over 50 placements in film/tv including “American Idol,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Odd Life of Timothy Green,” “Something Borrowed,” “Vampire Diaries,” “One Tree Hill,” “Private Practice,” and more.
-Where We Meet (2012): #1 iTunes Singer Songwriter album and Top Ten iTunes overall
-This Love (2012): #2 iTunes Singer Songwriter album
-Metal & Wood (2010): #1 iTunes Singer Songwriter album
-Released two major label albums with Universal Republic Records

Autumn Sky

Autumn Sky is an award-winning, multi-instrumentalist indie-pop singer/songwriter from Sacramento, CA. At twenty-two years old, she has been playing to the crowds of Sacramento for just over four years and garnered much local acclaim for her lively and engaging shows, as well as her debut EP and album, Diminutive, Petite EP (2007) and All Which Isn't Singing (2008.) A local indie darling in her hometown, her dynamic shows (for which she, also a talented visual artist, designs and constructs matching stage sets,) have gathered an intensely loyal following and reviews such as "the brilliant splendor of the vocals held the audience captivated and gave me goose bumps," (Laura Winn, The SF Examiner, 2009.) Her unique style mixes pitch-perfect and deeply emotive vocals with indie and pop sensibilities, setting her apart among a sea of singer/songwriters with a mix that manages to entice both young and old with catchy hooks and carefully crafted lyrics. She is based out of Sacramento, CA.

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