Superjack is a new rock band on the San Francisco scene. We like to rock hard and have a good time. Influences are all over the map, but Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Nirvana, and many others help shape our sound. We're four members strong with Jason Crossley on vocals and guitar, Karl Reed on drums, Brandon Eberhart on bass, and Taylor Bickel on lead guitar. See you at the show-

Gone Zero

You’ve Gone Zero before, remember? Do you recall that subtle pull which somehow spiraled you into a graceful yet awkward nihilistic fury by having a gorgeous soprano to whisper in your ear at the top of her lungs?

Sure you do. You miss it. Gone Zero can help.

Gone Zero offers immersive, therapeutic Zero Worship workshops only at an exclusive, curated list of Bay Area venues. Our focused squad of well rehearsed, semi-professionals are prepared to impart our artisanal, experimental “ROCK-AND-ROLL” with techniques designed to make you beg to drink out of a fire hose. It is only by fully delivering yourself to the “ROCK” that you can approach the inner serenity offered by Going Zero. Our only goal is to help you reach this special, private space, in forty five minutes or less.

Tim, TJ and Ron founded their practice in 2008 to refine their concepts of Zero Wellness, asking Erica to join in 2012 in embrace of her expertise in Moldovan Gonzo Massage.This resulted in ROCK. Please join us in our safe space for self-improvement.


Flanelhed began in 1993 when founding guitarist and songwriter John Murphy (Murf) reconnected with high school friend Chris Matthews & has since been playing all over the Bay Area. They released they’re first CD in 1996. In 1997 played to a near sold out crowd opening for Y&T at the Edge in Palo Alto. From 1999 to 2004 Flanelhed explored a more acoustic/unplugged sound & released Chameleon in 1999 & Little Black Dog in 2003. In 2004 They returned to their rock/electric roots & in 2008 released their 4th CD Amnesia. In early March of 2012 Flanelhed completed their 5th CD “Static” By March end, Flanelhed was signed to Global Recording Artists out of Petaluma, CA.

MK4 finds itself in uncharted waters in 2013. Paul and Britt found themselves the sole members of the band on the eve of recording their new album. As they drove down to Los Angeles to record they had no guitar player or plan. As they entered Lavish studios a plan started to take place as Britt layed down basic acoustic guitar tracks and producer Doug Grean picked up the main guitar duties as they discussed a mutal love of the guitar playing and production of Daniel Lanois (U2,Bob Dylan).
“Write what you know” is common advice given to the songwriter. A big theme on the new record is playing in the band,aging in rock and roll, giving up playing in a band, the death of a scene.. To quote Bruce Springsteen “ Is a dream a lie if it don’t come true or is it something worse?”. Will the album be four songs? Five songs? Six songs? I guess time will tell. MK4 will be filming a video for the song “Heavy Metal Thunder’ in Los Angles in July. For MK4 the future is wide open.


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Hotel Utah


Superjack with Gone Zero, flanelhed, MK4

Saturday, August 24 · 9:00 PM at Hotel Utah

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