Commonwealth Choir

Commonwealth Choir

Golden age indie rock from Doylestown, Pa. Blending towering harmonies over​ 60's garage rock & 90's alternative, their live intensity carves a path for understated pop appeal & driving rhythms. Now primarily based in Philadelphia, they've been gearing up for several 2018 releases.

Former Belle

Born and raised in Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs, Bruno Catrambone spent years working and writing for a project that didn't exist yet. These years of makeshift, at-home recordings turned into what Bruno later named, Former Belle.

Seeking refuge in his mother's suburban basement, Bruno got together with a few friends to sculpt what was to be Former Belle's debut release, the Sounds From the Ground EP. Sounds From the Ground was recorded in three different parts starting in Telford, PA with Producer Ed Myers, then to Zionsville, PA with Scott Minner (iHava Studios) and finishing in Doylestown, PA with Chris Radwanski (Drink Up Buttercup, Peasant, White Birds, Night Panther).

Upon its release, Sounds From the Ground took Former Belle, both full band and Bruno Joseph solo, along the east coast and on an extensive, month-long European tour. Former Belle spent their 2011-2012 months promoting and playing shows alongside the likes of Owen, Fences, Colour Revolt, River City Extension, Allison Weiss, Illinois, Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes and more.

Upon returning home from Europe, Bruno settled back down in Philadelphia with a handful of new songs and a concept for the next record. During the fall and early winter months of 2012, Bruno headed back into the studio with good friend, Chris Radwanski to track Former Belle's debut full length, 'Cathedral', due out in early February 2013.

Air Is Human

Progressive psychedelic rock out of Philadelphia, PA.



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