Fossil Collective

Fossil Collective

The first thing you realize when listening to Fossil Collective is that this is a band that do things differently. Beautiful melodic music, with rich glorious harmonies and meticulous attention to detail, it is as much an aural statement as it is a pleasure to listen to. Layer upon layer of harmony mixed with delicate uplifting sounds may well remind you of other artists, be it Neil Young, Simon & Garfunkel or Midlake but this music is no mere imitation.

Whilst Fossil Collective's songs tip their cap to these classic musicians, scratch the surface and you discover something more contemporary, yet equally as rewarding.

It seems impossible that something so sonically complete could appear as if from nowhere, but Fossil Collective, the Yorkshire two-piece have been perfecting their craft and working towards this moment for years. Consisting of multi-instrumentalists David Fendick and Jonny Hooker, both were local musicians from the Leeds music scene, whose paths had crossed at various points in different bands.

Paper Lions

Paper Lions are an indie rock band from Belfast, PEI whose music shines with sunny melodies and tales of lost youth. Equally influenced by the clear-voiced harmonies of the Beach Boys and the clanging guitars of modern rock, at the heart of the band are long-standing friendships and vibrant pop songs based on the sandy shores of their remote island province.
Their new album, "My Friends" (August 20, 2013), is based on themes of adolescence and youth but marks maturation in the band's writing. It is the beginning of a new chapter in the band's career. For the release of the album, the band has established its own imprint, Fountain Pop Records (Outside Music); shedding the trappings of the industry to carve their own path forward.


An EP called Songs For a Red Bird will be released on November 5th. On
it, Joshua Britton deals with things that matter (darkness, heartache,
forgiveness, and perseverance) through simple but effective imagery;
buffalo, trees, birds, barns, the moon, the ocean. Four songs were
written during a collaboration with local songwriter Joshua Park, and
Britton recorded five additional, older songs with producer Kevin
Killen. However, by the end of mixing, Killen and Britton whittled the
nine down to six songs. Since Psalmships’ start in 2009, Britton has
continued to add personnel to the line-ups that join him in the studio
and on stage, at times forgoing the stark minimalism of his
mostly-solo outings for more expansive, frenetic and intense
performances. Songs For a Red Bird boasts first appearances from Kiley
Ryan (who eschews the fiddle for a banjo), Phil D’Agostino, and Joshua
Park. Longtime members Brad Hinton and producer/multi-instrumentalist
Kevin Killen also perform on the twelfth record by Psalmships.

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All shows are 21+ Proper I.D. required for admission

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