CBC Massey Lectures: Blood, The Stuff of Life

Lawrence Hill

In this year’s CBC Massey Lectures, bestselling author Lawrence Hill offers a provocative examination of the scientific and social history of blood, and on the ways that it unites and divides us today.

Renowned author Lawrence Hill (The Book of Negroes) takes us on a fascinating journey through the story of blood- how it shapes the way we think about who we are, what happens when we meddle with it, why notions about the meaning of blood have such hold over us, and how who we are shapes how we think about the lifeblood that courses through us.

Blood runs red through all of us, and carries the same life-giving energy to every human being. We've learned a lot about the science of blood, but its as complex and mysterious as ever, one of the many wonders of the human body. Culturally, blood has a mystique all of its own, and what it stands for- tribe, family, race, gender- has divided us since the beginning of time. Blood pulses through our religions, through literature and the visual arts, and every time it pools or spills, we learn a little more about what brings human beings together and what divides us. Who were your grandparents? How pure is your blood? We make rules about what family you can belong to, what country you can be a citizen of- all based on notions of blood. Who, exactly, you are, can depend on your blood.

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