Hop Along, The Sidekicks

Hop Along

Hop Along is Frances Quinlan, Mark Quinlan, Tyler Long, and Joe Reinhart. The band, often described simply as playing the style of alternative rock, resides in the great city of Philadelphia.

Get Disowned (2012) is their first full-length release. It was made piece by piece, over the course of two years, in an inhabited warehouse in North Philadelphia.

The Sidekicks

The Sidekicks are a punk band from Cleveland, Ohio. They are currently signed to Red Scare.

Matt- Drums....
Steve-Vocals & Guitar.. ..
Matt- Guitar & Vocals...

Two Humans

"This week in my Local Spotlight I wanted to highlight a band that I found opening for Transit at the University of New Haven this past semester that really stood out to me. It was a high energy and quirky trio that went by the name of Two Humans; an alt rock group hailing from Wethersfield,CT. I was quickly introduced to the group as they began their set one frosty February night. They chose to set up their equipment on the floor rather than the stage to get very up close and personal with the crowd. Lead singer Jason Rule was running around the floor like it was lava, his energy was just unreal. I was hooked; the fact that they brought such excitement and liveliness to an otherwise dead crowd that night, you could not help but give them that energy back. Though I went into their set not knowing a single song, I was dancing and grinning along the whole time. They’re the kind of opening act that you HAVE to look up when you get home because you can’t get their songs out of your head."

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Poverty Hollow

Poverty Hollow is a Connecticut based band comprised of friends who've been playing for years. The group run an eclectic sonic gamut that moves at breakneck speed from catchy post-punk to churning metal riffs to meandering, gentle melodies.


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