Lux Perpetua

Lux Perpetua

Lux Perpetua is the brain-child of Justin Wolf from Charlottesville, Virginia. With influences ranging from folk, to garage, and country, Lux Perpetua's music is rooted in abtract dialogue and melodic chord structure. He has recorded and played with artists such as The Extraordinaires, Folkskunde, and Look Alike, and currently finds himself living in South Philadelphia releasing new music on Punk Rock Payroll. His band features members of Man Man & Mountain Man.

Pan is an instrumental rock band based out of South Carolina. Their first EP (Post Rock is Not Dead) was released in 2011 with a full length album (These are the Things I Love and I Want to Share them with You) following in 2012. A new EP is set to be released mid SEPT 2013. Pan blends heavy distortion with epic and uplifting instrumental riffs creating a new approach to the post-rock genre. Adopting their name from classic 90s film, Hook, Pan advocates through their music the idea that 'happy thoughts make you fly'.

The Gentle Stunts

The Gentle Stunts is a made up of the subconscious, nostalgia, and drive of Cal McNamara. With two LP's out in the open, and a third album "Beg The Question" set to release on 9/3, Cal continues to create impulsively with an ever-growing understanding of production and songwriting. The music starts upstairs and makes it's way from his mind into the basement where his home studio exists to serve as a pylon for the end results.

Be on the lookout for "Beg The Question", a 13 track LP available to download for FREE from the band's Bandcamp site on September 3rd.

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