The Dirty Dirty Dollars

The Dirty Dirty Dollars

Give us a true sound over a new sound. Give us soul swagger over click clack. Give us the stick over the automatic. Give us a beer, dammit. The Dirty Dirty Dollars do accept credit, but always prefer crumpled cash. Two dudes from Chicago, dead set on rock ‘n’ roll, want to smash riffs out 'til morning and provide the love-making shuffle for that magical time: post-drunk and pre-hangover.

Chicago-based trio, The Dyes, infuse 60s inspired garage-rock with infectious 50s rockabilly undertones to create a punchy and melodic, yet raw rock n' roll sound.
By digging up the roots of influences such as: Hank Williams, The Cramps, Wanda Jackson, and The Flat Duo Jets, this female-fronted trio is sure to catch the ears of a wide-spectrum of music lovers as they toss hints of surf, blues, punk and country into the mix, and stir it up with their own twist!

The Bama Lamas

Now I know what you're thinkin'... rock n roll is dead.

Well, The Bama Lamas aren't going to sit around and wait to be placed in a nice tidy bucket - we play rock n roll - pure and simple. The kind of raunch you can feel deep down in your soul. Our love for scratchy R&B, Soul, and Rock N Roll 45's brought us together - became our blueprint for saving your sorry souls. The records that make you want to jump out of your skin and hit the dance floor happy just to be alive!

Yeah, we still believe in the power of rock n roll and want to shove it down your throat one gut bustin' howl at a time.



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