Spectral Fangs

Spectral Fangs

For the past three years, Spectral Fangs have been been on a spiritual journey intent on doing whatever the hell they want. From releasing the semi-psychedelic EP Memory Girl, which featured makeshift sitar and a gussied-up basement reverb vibe to playing shows from Brooklyn to sweaty basements everywhere, the Fangs have made their own weird way in the world. Summer 2016 brings their JUST RELEASED compilation vinyl record CALLIGRAMS to light (OM Records), in which they contributed 2 songs.


Americana/folk/indie/alt country from New Haven, CT.

Chris Gabriel

The sounds of Chris Gabriel and drummer Spencer Savage have been compared to Elliot Smith, and break from their full time band, White Savages.

Circadian Rhythm

From the ashes of local CT rock outfit, The Autumn, comes a new act full with a vibrant and beautifully chaotic sound. A sound that defines the CT based band known as Circadian Rhythm.

The band was originally started by Craig and John back in 2007 but was put on hiatus as other projects and real life seemed to get the best of them. Finally, almost 5 years later the band is back together featuring new members, Jimmy Ryan accompanying Craig on guitar and Jay Northrop on drums and perscussion.

As of right now, the band is still in the songwriting stage and is slated to have a full length album out by February of 2013. Until then, keep your eyes peeled as shows will start being booked for the upcoming Winter and Spring season.

Michael Kusek

Guitarist of local superstars Elison Jackson take a break from the band to perform solo.



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