Yip Deceiver

Yip Deceiver

“Two dudes, two mics. Anything can happen.” Behold, the proclamation of Yip Deceiver, the tag-team all-analog
dance duo, who broadcast sexxed-up jambox jaunts and light club floors ablaze at home in Athens, Georgia and
beyond. The sonic lovechild of producer/songwriter, Davey Pierce, and executive vibes manager, Nicolas “Dobby”
Dobbratz, Yip Deceiver fills the void for music that can stoke a party-fire and eschews cooler-than-thou posturing.
Yip Deceiver wants to be your guilty pleasure, that secret music that brings friends and strangers together for their
outlandish and irresistible brand of new New Jack Swing, post-proto synth-funk, or whatever musical box that they
will never cease to obliterate.

Loose Shus

San Francisco producer Loose Shus creates tracks that can sound like 70s cop movie soundtracks, horror movies, or
experimental electro. His sounds may range far and wide, but his latest work is focused on an aesthetic that's heartfelt, staccato, and playful.

Plaza is the new moniker from Johan Churchill, one half of Tres Lingerie. After dabbling with electronic music in various forms from an age of 16, Johan has finally found a home in his long awaited 7″ release under his Plaza name. From the early Lounge music craze of the 90′s, the disco house rise of the 2000′s, and his old love of smooth jazz funk from the 80′s, Johan’s sensibilities come shining through in the Campari Records release. In an age of turbulence throughout the music industry, the US economy, and global instability, one thing is for certain: expect more Plaza releases in the future.


Randy “Hotthobo” Ellis has a passion for classic dance music. Currently he is channeling his passion for Boogie,
Disco, Italo and House into hybrid DJ sets that span decades on the dancefloor, from extremely rare
disco/boogie/funk obscurities to the most current takes on those genres and sounds. He also occasionally serves as one half of the Loose Shus’ live act and co-owns/runs Voltaire Records (www.voltairerecords.com), an electronicbased music imprint.

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