New York City's Drowners formed in early 2012 when singer/guitarist Matt Hitt sent some demos he'd written to guitarist Jack Ridley and bassist Erik Snyder, friends he'd met in bars downtown. Drummer Lakis Pavlou joined a few months later and the band began playing shows regularly around the Lower East Side. They released a 7" in February in the UK called Between Us Girls, and in April, they signed to NYC-based label Frenchkiss. "We liked that Frenchkiss seemed to understand the semantics of being in a band." They are currently finishing up writing their debut album to be released this fall. Both the label and the band are thrilled for this amazing new partnership. Frenchkiss Records head, Syd Butler exclaims, "We believe this band is ready to take over the world... "

Red Orange Yellow

A fresh start. A new beginning. The time is right to re-animate this once thought lifeless shell of forgotten memories. Brothers, reunited at last to put in motion something that simply would not, could not die. Absent now are the falsities that impaired the truth of creation. No more pretty faces. Gone are the undertones required to make a name. Gone and replaced with the raw ether that resuscitates something inside, something that has long since deserved to be brought to the foreground.

Red Orange Yellow was conceived in the purity that those it involves were all capable of creating a sound that was a monument to the friendship that brought it together. Since it's initial birth and repeated revivals, Red Orange Yellow has experienced an evolution that has mutated it into what is now. Almost three years since the first incarnation, periods of off and on...well, more off than on have provided for the development of a sound that was not meant to be stowed away on some laboratory shelf. ROY thrives on with ex-Photo Atlas drummer Devon Shirley who has experienced an epiphany in terms of using his resources for purposes that correlate more with his desires. Kyle Gray, a dreamer and a saint who like Shirley, communicates his truth through a highly refined creativity dating back to his youth. Nick Martin, who once thought himself tracked to a lifestyle devoid of participating in such a grand creation, has through the inspiration of his closest friends, moved from the spectator to the creator. This trio, bonded by matter that runs deeper than blood, coupled with Holland Rock-Garden, who embodies that which his band mates encompass, synchronizes with ROY to augment a sound that with unfaltering consistency produces an enigmatic symphony that makes this current incarnation a revelation. So hear it now. Reverberation: Commence.

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Julio Chavez: guitar, vocals, Ethan McQueen: lead guitar, Kyle McQueen: Bass, keyboard, Patrick Mahoney: Drums


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