Applewagon started playing in the fall of 2006 at Hamilton College
outside of Utica, NY. Always geared toward a live setting and a party
atmosphere, the band quickly built a loyal following by playing a myriad
of shows around Hamilton, upstate New York and New England. The band
has gone through several lineups, each with its own characteristics
and flavor, and also briefly called Newport, RI home, but always
remains dedicated to a mission of slinky, danceable music. Today,
applewagon's activities are centered in New York City where most of the
band members live.

Applewagon’s music mixes rock, funk and electronic influences. The
band released a self-titled album of original music in 2009. These
songs continue to evolve and new material is soon to be released. With
a catalogue of well over 100 songs, the band has claimed many
well-loved cover songs as their own, ranging from classic rock mainstays such as Led
Zeppelin and the Talking Heads to more contemporary rock-pop and
trance. Above all else, applewagon embodies a refreshing dose of
energy, improvisation and camaraderie set to a soundtrack that makes
being off the beaten track feel like home.


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