Kate Boy

"Not a whole lot is yet known about the darkly tinted electronipop act Kate Boy, except that three of them hail from Sweden, and one from Australia. Earlier this month, the group went from obscurity to growing concern when their track "Northern Lights" was suddenly spackled across the blogosphere with much ado. But the excitement wasn't for naught. The song and, by extension, its video (watch that below) are as subtly hypnotic as they are propulsively powerful.

Now we've got the promise of a full Northern Lights EP due January 22 via IAMSOUND (Salem, Lord Huron, Charli XCX), and a second song to hear, "In Your Eyes." While perhaps not quite as exciting as the Peter Gabriel cover we expected it to be, its subdued yet engrossing nature makes a case for Kate Boy being more than a one-trick pony. Mentions of the Knife have been pretty much unavoidable so far, though Jessie Ware and Little Dragon also come to mind." --SPIN

ASTR is a duo that lives, works and writes music in New York City. Multi-instrumentalist Adam, and vocalist Zoe-Anna met three years ago in a Manhattan yoga class. What they discovered was a shared musical and artistic sensibility informed by cinema noire, Miami Vice and urban dreamscapes. ASTR was soon born. “The name felt androgynous and cosmic,” says Zoe. Background: Zoe was born and raised in New York. Inspired by her family's love of music, Zoe always knew singing was her calling. Signed by a major record label fresh out of high school, Zoe tired of the formulated sounds she was being boxed into. She took a hiatus from music to explore the world via spirituality and Yoga. It was during that time period that she met Adam, and found the unification of music and Yoga via Astr. Adam lives in Brooklyn by way of Boston. A former raver, he played in several high school bands he describes as "painfully bad," including one named “Jimmy Wang.” Adam plays anything with keys, preferably vintage synths, and also guitar and bass. A recovering vinyl addict, he has a penchant for 60's / 70's cinema score and "loves" Disco. Sound: ASTR captures fleeting sensations: Winning big and cashing out. Leaving behind life's responsibilities. Wasting away on a tropical island. Paradise lost. Songwriting: Adam and Zoe write songs together exclusively. Generally, Adam makes a beat and outlines the vibe. Zoe then begins to color in the lines with kitschy bits and musical phrasing that evolve into fully formed songs. “You have to really be in sync when you’re songwriting together,” Zoe says. Adam and Zoe write constantly. At any given time they are working on five or six songs. "We jump around from idea to idea all the time. Maybe its artistic ADD" says Adam. Music: ASTR’s new single “OPERATE" has opened the world to their hybrid sound sometimes referred to as "Noire & B" They’ve also released a homemade video that is an ode to the psycho-thriller film genre. The song was written in a single studio session, a day they both describe as foggy. "Some days you get together and everything just clicks" says Zoe. Style: ASTR is a band of discerning tastes “We’re really picky when it comes to our ideas,” says Adam. “We’re picky as fuck about everything. Clothes, food, health, everything,” says Zoe. They’re also self-described perfectionists.

Glow Marrow

Hailing from North Hollywood by way of Thousand Oaks, Derek Coburn and Darin Green have been collaborating since their days as high school friends with a mutual affinity for writing songs together. After incorporating live electronics into their previously more bare bones sound, the duo formed Glow Marrow. With a focus on creating new textures over music that ranges from electro pop to stark acoustic guitar led lullabies, Glow Marrow is an expansion on the duo's prior project, The Eye The Ear and The Arm. Glow Marrow have recently completed their debut EP, Broadheart and are currently working on a new release while performing throughout the West Coast.

DJ Paul V.

DJ Paul V. has been spinning his eclectic music mixes in the clubs since 1981. In Los Angeles, he co-created and promoted Dragstrip 66 and Bootie LA, and most recently spent 4 years on the air at Indie 103.1 FM. His "Neon Noise" mix show now airs on TheIndependent.FM Friday & Saturday nights from 9pm-12am pacific time. He's also a celebrated blogger and book author.

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