Moody And The Mellow, Hawaiin Lion, The Idle Rich, Berto And The Lizard

Moody And The Mellow

Hawaiin Lion

Hawaiian Lion is Chris Rodriguez, Randy Kyle, John Tom and Jon McNulty. They are a Chicago-based band transcending the genre of rock and demolishing the independently produced music scene. By God, just look at them.

The Idle Rich

And so the legend goes... somewhere in 2003 HOLLY WINTERS, JENN SPITLER, TIM LINDBERG & SPENCER LEE decided to meld their musical powers to form THE IDLE RICH. We hereby commit to deliver you all that is wicked and awesome in a blend of punk/grunge & blues.

Berto And The Lizard

Lizard Kucera and Ronnie Revolution of THE UNDIGESTIBLES, BIZARRO, HAIL THE BLACK DRAGONS, and THE TENRY JOHNS BAND & Roberto Gonzalez of WASTE and DASHING ASSASSINS join forces to bring the true sexy back to live rock and or roll.

We play songs from but not limited to : the Rolling Stones, the Band, Robert Johnson, The Undigestibles, Waste, Kings of Leon and so many more tasty treats. A quality blend of our own songs and our personal touch on many others. You'll understand fully if you don't already.



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