Seven Kingdoms

"The Fire is Mine", the third offering from Florida's SEVEN KINGDOMS, shows a great solidification in their sound and direction; they've amped up every aspect from song writing, vocals to production and live performance. This one goes to eleven on all counts - including the number of tracks! The vocals and beautiful crystalline melodies of Sabrina Valentine are uniquely set in a furious power/thrash metal attack, blended with epic choirs and the occasional beer-chanting of the men of SEVEN KINGDOMS.

Formed in Deland, FL back in 2007 SEVEN KINGDOMS went through all the usual "underground band" ups-and-down; members came and went; numerous local shows; an independently released debut album; etc. In 2009 the band signed a management/booking deal with Intromental Worldwide, which lead to a record deal with Nightmare Records.

Shortly after the release of their Nightmare Records debut "Seven Kingdoms" (their second release, but first featuring female vocalist Sabrina Valentine) SEVEN KINGDOMS played the opening party at ProgPower USA and was then handpicked by the legendary German power metal band, Blind Guardian, to open their 2010 North American tour, which saw the band playing in front of thousands of metal fans throughout USA and Canada. SEVEN KINGDOMS went on to play several one off's and smaller tours in 2011 ending with the "Uniting The Powers Of Metal" tour alongside other uprising power metal acts such as Artizan, Creation's End and Widow. The band capped off 2011 signing endorsement deals with Engl Amplification and Warwick Basses / Amps.

In May of 2012 the band entered Morrisound Studios to creating a record powerful enough to hang with the best in metal. With legendary producer Jim Morris (Iced Earth, Obituary, JOP, Jag Panzer etc) at the helm and much more experience gained, SEVEN KINGDOMS created their next melodic power thrash opus.

Upon completion of the recording of their new album, SEVEN KINGDOMS signed an extension of their deal with Nightmare Records. The record, titled "The Fire is Mine", was unleashed on October 9, 2012.

A band started for fun, found that hard work and dedication to their craft has major pay offs... SEVEN KINGDOMS is carving its own path in metal history creating something genuinely unique, yet undeniably metal with their latest and greatest album."

Maverick Hunter

Maverick Hunter was born of blood, sweat and booze in the once fertile metal heartland of Tampa Bay. Founding member Jeff Pouring spent years scouring the Florida metal scene searching for a worthy line-up to bring Maverick Hunter to life while simultaneously composing the entirety of the upcoming self-titled release. Get ready Florida, the hunt is on!

Burning Fair Verona

"In fair Verona, where we lay our scene..." begins the prologue of a famous William Shakespeare play. This line can also be used to explain the history and mission of Burning Fair Verona, a Tampa Bay-based melodic deathcore band that is rising from the ashes of a once-thriving extreme music scene, and whose own prologue took place in 2009.

Over the course of two years, Burning Fair Verona have established themselves as a force in the Tampa Bay metal scene, constantly evolving their sound, lineup and live presentation. The quintet unapologetically ignore the trends popularized by the image-obsessed "scene" bands, merging ethereal melodies with epic metal riffs and devastating, razor-sharp breakdowns. This approach has earned the band a dedicated fanbase that is inspired not only by the power of the music, but the honesty with which it is forged. With a list of influences that span two decades and the sub-genres of groove, thrash, melodeath, djent and metalcore, there is virtually no territory on metal's vast sonic landscape that BFV is afraid to explore. The varied roster of acts that the group has shared the stage with, and their debut EP, DYNASTY, are testaments to their versatility.

Look Right Penny

Look Right Penny was created in 2008.
We released our first full length album, Sugar Lane, in February 2012.
We love playing shows and want to book as many as we can.
Come see us live! You'll have a blast!


Wirethrone was formed in Lakeland, Florida in late 2011 by Trey Hawkins, James Harper, Steven Behr, and Josh Delgado. While originally searching for a bassist, Tim Darby was added as third guitar position and contributed more harmonies and leads to the almost completed song catalogue. While still lacking a bassist, Wirethrone began playing shows in the Orlando and Tampa areas by opening for the German Progressive death metal band Obscura with great success and reception for fellow musicians and crowds alike. After many shows and discussions of a debut album, Taylor Halpin was added to the bass position and thus Wirethrone was complete. However, soon before entering the studio, Seven Behr parted ways and was replaced by Kris Huffman, who would make the debut lineup.
Seeking to combine elements of Gothernburg and modern melodic death metal roots with progressive elements, Wirethrone entered Revelation Studios in June 2012. The group worked with producer Matt Johnson of The Autumn Offering fame to record the first full length album entitled “The Sun Betrays Us To the Night;” a concept album dealing with loss, sanity, and defining realities. With the album completed and pending release, Wirethrone is looking for labels and tours to make a mark on the metal world.

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