Hailing from Denver, Rubedo has defied locals' expectations with a uniquely captivating sound that expertly combines raw, passionate, even wistful vocals with an aggressively psychedelic and soulful groove. In their exploration of both instrumentation and genre that touches on funk-laden guitar riffs, jazzy interludes, and rock-driven abrasiveness, members Kyle Gray, Alex Trujillo and Gregg Ziemba consistently lure audiences into a delightfully unfamiliar state in which entrancement and high energy are harmoniously intertwined. Their highly anticipated album, produced with the combined talents of engineer Jay Pellicci (Deerhoof, the Dodos, Subtle) and producer Isaiah "Ikey" Owens (Free Moral Agents, The Mars Volta) at Tiny Telephone Studios in San Francisco, drops 2011.

Kyle Gray - Moog/ Baritone Ukulele/ Vocals
Alex Trujillo- Guitar/Bass
Gregg Ziemba- Drums/ Samples

The Risin' Sun

The Risin' Sun is a Rock n Roll band from Mexico City, influenced by the Classic Rock of the 60's decade and it's beginnings such as the Blues/ Soul/ R&B scene and the Psychedelic wave. Since 2009 the band has been spreading their music through their country playing in some of the best venues of several states and appearing in TV shows and radio stations, making a name in the national scene.

Cloud Catcher

Consisting of Jared Soloman Handman on Drums, Andrew Vandeusen rattling insides on the bass, and Rory Rummings wailing into your mind with his riffing and vocals Cloud Catcher is a power trio based out of Denver, Colorado. Possessing sounds louder than the mountains falling, and heavier than the steps of a colossus bound to sonically assault. Drift on seas of cosmic foam and smoke with us.


Mustard gives a new twist on classic rock. With an eclectic array of jams in their arsenal, you can expect to hear anything from dark blues on the border and muscle car machine gun rock to tripped-out space queens and Cold War spy tunes.


Dreadnoughts, the naval titans of a nationalistic era, tore across vast expanses of ocean, exhibiting the innovation and prowess of their mother nations. Their massive artillery and greater stature were symbols of grandeur, a masterpiece of a mechanical Babylon. As a quartet of musical architects, Dreadnought seeks to capture the spirit of these giants and manifest their scope, power, and sophistication in epic tales filled with lush textures, adventurous melodies, deep grooves and just a touch of serendipity.

$5.00 - $10.00


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