Grizz is an MC based out of Denver, CO. Formerly one third of the group known as the Likker Cats, Grizz now roams the CrazyWorld seeking justice. Grizz will be releasing a solo album in mid-2012 entitled CrazyWorld. He is affiliated with MKS entertainment; you can find his work here:

Winter Woods

Sugar Organ

Sugar Organ was form by two music addicts in 2011.with a never ending thirst for writing music.

These 2 MCs met at a battle of the bands back in 2004. Timmy was rapping and T playing guitar for a rock act. None of them won, but a friendship was formed between two of the most creative people in the world.
With ENGINE EAR in a 6 month holding pattern, due to a relocation issues and some tour planning, Matt started messing round with hip hop beats. Finding that he had a knack for it.......... the addiction begun. T developed rap in a couple of months, then put together an 19 track album featuring himself Tittle T, and his close friend Timmy Flips in 3 months.

Sugar Organ's lyric content is very real, and personal. I guess thats the only way we know how to do it. We use hip hop as a vent. Its very therapeutic for the average manic depressed. Embrace the Pace....


Song Writer/ Music Producer from the Ground/ Up.

Glitta Kings

The Glitta Kings are a versatile trio of musicians who have been immersed in the music industry for over a decade. Together they produce a unique take on hip-hop, soul, funk, and R&B through each of their different perspectives and experiences.

This charismatic trio captivates audiences with a clever and catchy mixture of vibrant music and humor that makes people want to get down, while laughing ‘til it hurts. Their music is performed with such intense levels of energy and emotion that crowds are always left wanting more.

The group started turning heads with their debut EP Got Panache, and are justifiably proud and excited for the Halloween 2013 release of their first full length album, Girls In High Heels Shouldn’t Dance On Glass Tables.

Birdz Of A Featha (Feat. members of Microphone Militants)

Featuring members of Microphone Militants!! Microphone Militants assembled together, piece by piece, sparking the development of this revolutionary hip-hop crew. Since their formation in early 2009, each member has been adding their own inspiration and creative expression to the group. Their lyrical abilities have been evolving since each member was 14 and each member has developed their own unique style, which creates identifiable characteristics in their songs, making their music something that hip-hop has never seen before. The Militants cohesive group thrives off of each other, searching for ways to propel past all boundaries created by ignorance and the unwillingness to see things for what they truly are.

Jake Drew

Jake Drew - Born Jacob Andrew Gomes on July 25th 1991 (22). Jake was born in Medford, Oregon and has spent most of his life bouncing back and forth between there and Aurora, CO. He got into music at the early age of two years old when he would pick up his father's bass-guitar and pluck at it for hours at a time. Being raised around music, Jake held no loyalty to one genre. Although he had been a self taught musician on just about every instrument he played, Jake's musical journey didn't truly begin until he moved to Aurora, CO at the age of 11. When Jake was 14, he had been picked up as the bassist for a local pop/punk band called "Touch Me Not", that he formed with some of his High School friends. After that first show, Jake knew that music was only half of his heart; Performing was the other half. When Jake was 17, he was expelled from Eaglecrest High School for his truancy issues and moved from Colorado back to his hometown Medford, Oregon. After 3 months of being in Oregon, Jake had once again explored a new genre and kick-started his career as a Hip Hop artist. After recording and producing songs in basements and garages for over a year, Jake moved back to Colorado to expand his hip hop career. From Oregon to Colorado, Jake's inspiration was set in the dynamic of big city suburban life, and the opposing spectrum of a lower class, trailer park community of Medford. At the age of 18, Jake had been playing exclusive shows on Tuesday nights at "Club Deep" located in Denver, CO. Jake was invited to join his brothers new-found hip-hop project called "Down In Action" which was founded by Niko Evans and Kier Gomes (Brother) as a home studio created and engineered to make money from up-and-coming artists. After Jake joined the team, it didn't take long for the three to build a rapid chemistry in the studio. The next couple of years would consist of Jake, Kier and Niko rapping and recording over free Soundclick mp3 downloads and working hard to expand their craft. After investing thousands of dollars into a new studio, Jake got into producing and crafting hip hop beats. In the process of writing and recording his songs and producing beats, Jake was noticed by Minnesota rapper, Prof. The two put together a sequel to Prof's "Baby Jacob" song, which soon would be featured on Jake's latest mixtape, "Slumburban Beautiful." Shortly after, Jake linked up with fellow independent artist, SwizZz (Funk Volume), who is best known for his work with booming hip hop pioneer, Hopsin. Now with two High-Profile artists involved in the making of Jake's project, the motivation was at an all-time-high. While still in the process of getting everything ready for the mixtape, all of the tracks can be found on his Soundcloud account ( Thank you for supporting this artist and please continue to do so, as he will continue to work as hard as he possibly can to reach his goals.

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