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The Locals (Record Release!!!)

"The Locals are an alt-pop, indie-rock trio from Chicago. Think The Breeders meets Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Whigs, with some Pixies sprinkled in.

Fronted by singer and songwriter Yvonne Doll, The Locals have been a part of the Chicago music scene for the last decade. They have played extensively in the Midwest, and just returned from their first UK tour (2011).

"SALT" the Locals' fifth studio effort is unapologetically guitar heavy alt-pop. Doll's distinct and powerful vocals cut confidently through the band, becoming the perfect compliment to the always solid, sometimes frenzied rhythm section of Nunes and Snedeker. The music has it's root in powerful 90's alt-pop like early No Doubt and Foo Fighters, but is heavily influenced by modern brit pop like The Joy Formidable.

"SALT" was produced, recorded and mixed by Steven Gillis (Filter).

What people are saying about The Locals:

"Unlike some current indie rock girls that scream to get our attention, lead singer, Yvonne Doll, grinds with the melody much like Gwen Stefani did in her early days with No Doubt. Doll’s powerful, but not overbearing, sound gives [The Locals] a pop feel without losing its rock edge." -Time Out Chicago

"The chorus to 'Away From Here' is epic" - MTV

"“The EP ‘SALT’ will have listeners craving more than four exceptionally crafted songs….” Rock Wired Magazine"

"SALT" is the Locals' fifth studio effort is unapologetically guitar heavy alt-pop. Think meet The Pixies meet the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Breeders. Doll's distinct an
d powerful vocals cut confidently through the band, becoming the perfect compliment to the always solid, sometimes frenzied rhythm section of Nunes and Snedeker.

"SALT" was produced, recorded and mixed by Steven Gillis (Filter).

Yvonne Doll grew up in Cincinnati, OH but made her way to Chicago to attend the Art Institute of Chicago. Her photographs of people sleeping on the el train has garnered international recognition. was featured on the Today Show, Newstalk Radio (Ireland), VoxPop Magazine (France) and more. She is also an accomplished painter.

Christy Nunes began playing professionally at the age of 14. She hails from San Diego, from where people still hail. She has played in a diverse assortment of bands over the years and brings an element of each to The Locals(R) - funk, rock, punk, acoustic and classical/jazz. Nunes is also a photographer and knife wielding maniac. She once shoved a kid during a job as the Chuck E. Cheese mascot.

Kirk Snedeker (originally from Connecticut) started playing drums at the age of 8. He was in an Elvis cover band at age 14 and, in addition to many local bands, put himself through college by playing music. Snedeker enjoys cooking, has a Fear of Public Vomiting (FPV) and has mostly outgrown a childhood fear of pinecones. His voice can be heard on a Space Shuttle flashlight toy circa 1992.


The Chicago-based indie rock band Hemmingbirds is a newcomer to the music scene having just its released debut album, "Death Wave" on May 2010. The band originally began as a solo project by Yoo Soo in the fall of 2009 and he has since then recruited musicians to create the 5-piece band it currently presents itself to be. The band is gaining a following throughout Chicago and listeners have collectively compared its sound to Arcade Fire, Fleet Foxes, Ted Leo, and more.

The foundation of any band is musical kinship. Within the exposed confines of a trio, this rapport is amplified, leaving an indelible mark on the songs. Glance through rock history and we see this repeatedly; the groundbreaking strut of Cream, the irresistible pop of The Police, the undone roar of Nirvana. Remove any member and the band's core unravels. For Chicago-based trio, The Sweeps, this affinity is vital. Their core is firmly intact.

Each member of The Sweeps--Bob Dain, Santiago Torres, and Chris Dye (ex-Chin Up Chin Up)--brings a hefty presence to their lean arrangements. Challenging the sonic boundaries of a trio, both Dain and Torres sing with longing, conviction and fury. Dain's dexterity, equal parts pedal-board and guitar, ranges from a delicate strum to an incandescent wail. Countering Dain, Torres brings a solid bass thump; playing slinky, soul-inflected rumblings along with fractured melodic fuzz. Dye's hook-heavy drumming supports Dain and Torres, while lending a swaggering rhythmic architecture to the songs. Live, the band explodes with an infectious adrenaline that has ignited their strong Chicago fanbase, propelling them toward building a national audience.

On the band's full-length debut, Swift Armour (scheduled for a March 26, 2013 release), The Sweeps capture a live immediacy, yet further explore and refine their craft. Recorded at Chicago's Minbal Studio with the help of producer/engineer, Benjamin Balcom, Swift Armour is an emotionally rich and honest evolution for the band. It is a collage of loud guitars and chanting vocal hooks, an intimately pounding cadence, a call to arms. It is a record with a strong sense of place, Chicago to be precise---the historic struggles, the dying and thriving neighborhoods---all inhabit these 13 tracks. From the lush death march of the opening title track to the dark pop hymn "1600cc Engine," this record is equal parts confession, exultation and vindication: embittered but embracing. Swift Armour is an ode to Chicago: a battle between the harsh and the beautiful.

Lights Alive

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, Adam and Dave have been playing music together for more than a decade and a half now. They met Devon while living and gigging in the Los Angeles area. She became an avid groupie and was eventually rewarded by being forced to take over on lead vocals.

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