Black Taxi

BLACK TAXI is one of NYC’s most prominent live acts, smashing an anything-goes punk ethos together with pop sensibilities, unparalleled energy, and brilliant songwriting. The result is a raucous stage show, heavy on harmonies, spitfire guitar licks, body paint, and all manner of instrumentation. Their style has been described varyingly as “grit-pop” or “dance punk”, and though their songs hint at the Talking Heads, Cake, and Daft Punk, they are driven by something entirely new and infectious.

BLACK TAXI songs can be heard on radio stations from Maine to California, accompany hit TV shows, provide the soundtrack for film, and hit the airwaves on commercial airlines. They debuted on the CMJ Radio 200 at #180 and quickly rose to #80, putting their 2012 release “We Don’t Know Any Better” in the #2 spot for self-released albums. Their music video “Shoeshine” was an Official Nominee for the Webby Awards, and their most recent video “Hand” debuted on AOL Music.

BLACK TAXI’s first full-length offering Things of that Nature received strong reviews in publications throughout the country. For their second full-length album they returned to The Bunker Studio to record with Aaron Nevezie, who has worked with Grammy nominated acts like The Black Keys and Danger Mouse.

The Band In Heaven

"An obnoxious, ungainly mess of fuzzy shoegaze, dreampop, and psychedelic blow-out rock. The perfect teenage soundtrack for guzzling a box of wine and falling down the cellar stairs. I don't even know if they have a record. They don't even need a record. They can get by on pills and Youtube, I'm sure of it. (K)" - Advanced Demonology

"the band in Heaven is a perfect formula of sludgy, psych rock combined with dreamy, shoegaze melodies. Imagine The Black Angels, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Slowdive meeting somewhere in outer space" - GetBent

Yazan & Martin

If you’ve seen me perform, you might know that I’m a happy person. My greatest joy is in spreading the love and happiness that I feel. I play my songs and post my thoughts to help to share my deep feeling of gratitude and wonder with the world and everyone in it. I love everyone and everything, and my art serves to reflect that love, and to help others feel that love as well.

Some of the groups I play with in New York:

New Beard – psychedelic melodic rock with deep tuba (
Corrupt Autopilot – balls-out 90s-era influenced alternative rock (
Heart of Darkness – New York’s most far out comedy/variety show, hosted by Greg Barris (

I also help to run a record label and collective, Shoulder Tap Records ( We’re based out of New York and Memphis, TN, including the listed acts, plus Vending Machine, Mouserocket, and Wigmaker’s Son.

$12.00 - $15.00

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