Joshua, Elizabeth and Lewis Valleau have been making music separately and in pairs for years, but finally the triplets are united in a mission to take dance music into the darkest of nights.

Combining classical training in piano, guitar, harpsichord, drums, and voice with personal obsessions with synthesizers, drum machines, analogue tape and Live PA, WOLVVES seeks to push the fragile boundaries of dance genres into the psychedelic extremes of harmonic emotion.

WOLVVES are inspired by bells, ghosts, predators, white-knuckled terror, the tears of lost lovers, and the knowledge that "Every moment we are living in someone else's past" - William Gibson.

Their debut EP "Feed the Hand that Bites" is 4 tracks deep, with another 2 due before the Fall.

driving into a flickering neon noir.

layers of guitars and vintage soft synths.

shadowy vocals, reaching

the syncopated pulse of r&b beats.

music for calculated drifting

dystopias after 2am.

all music performed, produced and mixed by evan^patrick.

"This group of New York natives play a prog-rock take on shoegaze, melding complex time-signature shifts with waves of reverb and distortion. While they're definitely devotees of shoegaze legends like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive, suā's songs rise above their influences to become something more relevant in the music landscape. Catch them before they take off."

Ultraviolet Astronomy

Under the name Ultraviolet Astronomy, Andrew Ranaudo has released a full length album, U.V.A., and an EP, MVMNT, which celebrate the musician's love of New Wave, electropop, and classical music. UVA's "progressive and extremely melodic shy-pop" and “bucolic electro-pop” bring to mind a weird mixture of OMD, New Order, Saint Etienne, Swell Maps, Stereolab, Young Marble Giants, Spiritualized, Spacemen 3. He's got 4 new tracks coming out this fall.


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