Street Urchinz, Massive Delicious

Street Urchinz

Street Urchinz is a reggae/rock band based out of Sacramento, California. Their sound derives almost entirely from deep roots reggae & classic rock. The sound they create is a mix of reggae, ska, punk rock, soul, and classic rock, giving them a unique balance that can appease to most anyone who enjoys music.

The band started with only two members (Tommy and Doug) playing acoustic guitars under a freeway overpass for spare change, hence the band name. Two years later, they produced a full album consisting of 12 original songs. Their music has been played on various radio stations, and can be found on iTunes, Pandora and Spotify. They have also shared the stage with bigger names in the industry such as The English Beat, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, The Holdup, and The Green. In 2012, celebrity drummer, Matt Mingus, joined the band for over a year. The lineup now consists of; Tommy on lead guitar and vocals, Doug on rhythm/keys and vocals, Russ on keys, Jake on bass, and Alan on drums/percussion.

In early 2013, Deville Enterprises saw it fit to sign Street Urchinz under their brand new band management business. With DeVille on their side, the sky became the limit, as they continually work hard, book tours, write new material, and get new merchandise. Keeping a "party on" message in the songs they play, their energy & stage presence speaks for itself as they continue to grow musically.

Massive Delicious

Massive Delicious isn’t just the name of the band—it’s a moniker that describes the group’s scene and its sound. This is an act that blends reggae, soul, funk and jazz into big, tasty dubtastic grooves for large crowds of cute and costumed dancers—creating a mass of delicious energy, rhythm and movement. - See more at:



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