DJ Dials, Mack Blajik

DJ, and producer Noah Bennett, aka "Dials."

Mack Blajik

MACK BLAJIK - Champion of the 2069 future-internet lifestyle. Full-time cat whisperer with a background in pizza wizardry. Enjoys tha ghetto tingz in life. Promoter of the 80-160. Terps & Derps + Waves & Raves. Sometimes this: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ. Also this: (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*.Mack Blajik does these things and more. For the full experience come and see him casting his spells at a theatre near you.

The Pirate

26 Year old Andrew Gruver, aka The Pirate, has etched out a solid place for himself in the highly saturated DJ real estate along the Coastline of California and beyond in just 5 years behind the turntables. Currently, he hosts a future bass monthly called Space Bass – alongside Little John of Raindance infamy – in downtown Santa Cruz, and rocks clubs and festivals up and down the west coast. His sets are fueled by an instinctive ability beyond his years, as he combines all styles of bass music, while staying grounded in his heart and soul – reggae and hip hop. His selections and mixes keep even the most pervasive dub spotter enthralled and will keep any dance floor packed. Be sure to catch The Pirate at festivals and events this summer- he'll probably be in the back of the crowd in a cloud of smoke.. OR up in front, behind the decks! baBOOM!

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21+ FREE b4 10:30 $5 before 11 101 Sixth Street @ Mission St, San Francisco $3 Heineken drink special!

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