River Whyless

River Whyless

River Whyless is named in spirit of its ongoing love affair with the natural world. Since its formation in 2009 the band has toured extensively, playing hundreds of shows from coast to coast and into Canada. Its debut album "A Stone, A Leaf, An Unfound Door" was recorded in the band's home studio in Asheville, NC and released in March of 2012. Its sound has been described as folk-rock, nature-pop, and baroque-folk, but in the end the members of River Whyless hope only to lend craft to their passions. Notable performances include Music on the Mountain Top, Bele Chere, Bristol Rhythm and Roots, Shakori Hills, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival and supported Ben Sollee and Railroad Earth.

Matthew O'Neill & Maiden Creek Lodge

Born in Ontario, Canada and raised in Pennsylvania, Matthew spent much of his youth joyously alongside his father in the Eastern Woodlands. A deep passion for music was always in him and when, at age 13, his father passed away, he delved into that love of music and began playing guitar, writing songs, and forming a band.

At age 19, O'Neill removed himself from the world of man and sought out the education of experience in the wilderness of the American West. Matthew lived 'alone' among nature's wild creation, baselining his mind and soul amongst the refined ecological systems and strong powers of the earth. He lived nomadically, sleeping in a tent or self made shelter, in National Forests and Reservations, and fasted often. He took seasonal jobs on remote ranches and farms. These jobs included sustainable logging with draft horses and working as a wrangler on the Western Slope of Colorado. All along, songs came to him while he developed his own guitar style, one in which the ancient past is tied to the future.

Years later, after moving to Santa Cruz, California, he began performing in small intimate venues. The response was enthusiastic and Matthew began to pursue his dream of a musical career. He soon left Santa Cruz, to the more affordable town of Prescott, Arizona. There, in that mile high misfit ponderosa, he formed the band ~ Maiden Creek Lodge. The group got a strong local buzz going on account their highly charged performances and combined songwriting talent. An album was self recorded at his cabin. With Matthew's adopted wolf-dog, Zumthor, as an audience, the album featured extended, passionate, trance induced song explorations.
Encouraged by the band's success, Matthew decided to move back East to Upstate New York in order to stay rural and be near New York City. Traveling to NYC, he played select shows, the first being an ARTHUR magazine CMJ showcase. Soon after he moved with his family to Los Angeles, living in Echo Park, then moving to an off the grid shack on the slopes of the Santa Monica Mountains. Up until recently he has been reclusive, preferring the company of natural places to create. O'Neill now lives in Mt. Airy, Philadelphia.

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