Assuming We Survive

Assuming We Survive

Adrian Estrella – Vocals
Phil Adams – Guitar
Joe Lawson – Bass
Kris Pasos – Drums

Rock n’ roll subculture is uniquely exciting in terms of the level of crowd participation, interactivity, and accessibility present at most shows. From the early days of the Sex Pistols and the Ramones, clear through to the Descendants and NOFX, the most passionate of players work hard to destroy the perceived boundary between the audiences and the band. “Hey, we’re just fans, too. You could be us.”

Assuming We Survive takes this ethos and amplifies it times infinity, barreling headfirst into each and every aspect of their existence with collective energy and unbridled optimism. Singer Adrian Estrella, armed with unmistakable charisma and good-cheer, will take a literal surfboard into the crowd, riding the physical and metaphorical wave of enthusiasm and electricity present at every single AWS show.

The band’s frontman is united in his goodwill and welcoming vibe with his musical cohorts and fellow Inland Empire, California mainstays: guitarist Phil Adams, bassist Joe Lawson, and drummer Kris Pasos. Assuming We Survive has generated steady steam and garnered accolades for nearly a decade. But in recent years, AWS has truly come into their own as their dedicated approach spreads their sound across the globe, amassing an army of smiling supporters eager to give the band their all.

It’s a wave of momentum and positivity that’s catapulted Assuming We Survive into the Top 50 on the New Artist charts and more importantly into the hearts and minds of a burgeoning crew of likeminded supporters and believers, from the kids who share their love for the band on social media to the band’s contemporaries sharing stages with them at Vans Warped Tour, Self-Help Festival, and Monster’s Aftershock.

All Roads Lead to Home, the band’s debut full-length on Third String Records, is a collection of inspiring jams running the gamut from pop-punk to Easycore, with aggressive energy befitting of the more extreme sides of the underground scene and soaring melodies with unapologetic hooks catchier than most Top 40 rock radio.

Assuming We Survive songs like the instant crowd pleaser “18 Days,” the nakedly self-reflecting “Open Water,” the devastatingly amazing “We Are All Zombies” and the acoustic duet “Next to Me” are a collective testament to the band’s creative diversity, dense musical influences, and willingness to pour themselves into their music. These songs are earnestly heartfelt. AWS is both motivated and motivating.

As part of the Supervillains Tour with Falling In Reverse, Attila, and Metro Station; the Christmas Vacation Tour with Falling In Reverse and Atreyu; South by Southwest; So What?! Music Fest; festival appearances with Avenged Sevenfold, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Good Charlotte, and Real Friends; or headlining at Chain Reaction in Orange County, Assuming We Survive isn’t satisfied until every person in the house is energized, happy, and empowered. AWS is all about inclusivity, on the biggest of major festival stages or in the smallest of clubs.

Get ready to get involved, because Assuming We Survive aims to energize the whole world, one show at a time, channeling energy back and forth with every single fan.

OneHundred Proof

As You Were

In today's ever advancing technological society, few things hold peoples interest for too long. Fortunately, great hard rock music has withstood the test of time. Take a heaping teaspoon of originality, sprinkled with an unrivaled live performance, and you have As You Were! With a smooth blend of classic, modern, metal, and groove, topped off with the occasional ballad, As You Were creates a surefire hit with a style all their own. Don't be fooled by their young faces. Individually, As You Were are music professionals who take the utmost pride in their craft. While spanning several years of individual hard work, with a relentless team effort that strives only for perfection, As You Were has built themselves from the ground up, into one of the best rock acts Southern California has to offer. They have amassed a large, and loyal following while playing some of the top spots in Southern California. These polished musical veterans have shared the stage with numerous big names from Poison, to Buckcherry, to Alien Ant Farm, and many more. They've performed numerous headlining gigs, and sold out shows to the delight of many screaming fans. In 2010, As You Were roared into the Southern California music scene and never looked back. They were the musical guests on Nightcap with host, Sebrina Brian of the Cheetah Girls, they followed that performance by overcoming many hard fought obstacles to beat out over 250 submitted bands, and take first place in The Sam Ash Southern California Championship, and earning them an endorsement with Electro-Voice (one of the best sound companies in the world). In late October 2010 they performed in front of a sold out crowd, as they released their first album entitled "Out Of Control" and their music video for their critically acclaimed tune "Rock All Night With You", which has been requested on several radio stations. In 2011 they stepped up their game, reinventing themselves with a new, slightly edgier groove, chock-full of catchy, memorable choruses that are sure to get stuck in your head. As You Were continues to build on their large, loyal following, which helps make them one of the more popular acts of any independent artist in southern California. Venues can attest to their hard work, and fans can vouch for a mesmerizing experience and jaw dropping performance. This is why they headline, and fill such venues as The House Of Blues over and over again. Early 2012, As You Were plans to release their first fully produced album entitled "The Calm Before…" at The House Of Blues Anaheim, followed by a unique, and slightly controversial music video. Then they'll take their high energy, and live intensity to the road, leaving only a wake of old & new fans screaming for more. As You Were has the brightest of futures, with an ever growing following, huge marketable music, and a live show that can't be beat. In the upcoming year, they plan to take the Southern California music scene, and beyond by storm.

The New Varsity

The New Varsity is a highly energetic pop punk band from the quiet suburbs of Claremont, CA. Formed in early 2012, the rock quartet has made it their goal to bring their exciting melding of retro and new school pop punk to anyone's ears who will hear it. Having seen a warm reception to their full length release of "Running Out of Time" along with various singles, the boys in The New Varsity will be celebrating the release of their new EP " Reflections " on the sunny southern California pop punk scene August 1st!



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