Yacht Club/Earthtone Studio/New Belgium Battle of the Bands VI Finale

Yacht Club/Earthtone Studio/New Belgium Battle of the Bands 8

We are hosting our yearly battle of the bands. Each battle's winner is selected based on crowd votes and moves on to the finals on December 12th - where the winner will get 5 days of studio time at Earthtone Studio ($1500 value). Second place gets one day of recording time and a keg of Fat Tire ($500 value). Sign up at iwannarock@iowacityyachtclub.org

The Claireens

Dan DiMonte and the Bad Assettes

Dan DiMonte is an Iowa City-based multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and composer transplanted from the southwest suburbs of Chicago. His band, The Bad Assettes, is comprised of many familiar faces to the Iowa City and Chicago music scenes. In a single show, DiMonte will sing and play guitar, piano, percussion, and trumpet. DiMonte’s compositions have a vast number of influences shining through (Jazz, Rock and Roll, Latin, Reggae/Ska, Folk, Blues, Funk, Gospel, Classical, etc.), so to put a title on such a genre-bending artist’s music is difficult. It is like early-mid 70’s Springsteen collaborating with Carole King and Bob Marley alongside Chicago horn licks, Phish jams, and a soulful Hammond B3 player. DiMonte calls it: jazz-influenced rock with added spices. DiMonte has played his original compositions in venues around the Iowa City area, Chicago, and Northwest Indiana, including a couple of nights at Chicago’s Hard Rock Café and a marathon set of almost 3 hours at Iowa City’s Summer Concert Series. He has shared stages with touring musicians such as Jon Wayne and the Pain, Sami Grisafe, and Tony Memmel, as well as extensively touring as a multi-instrumentalist for Joe Mattingly and the Newman Singers. Coming off of a 2nd place finish at the Iowa City Yacht Club’s Battle of the Bands, the band enthusiastically ran to Iowa City’s Earthtone Studios this past winter to record their debut album entitled “The Runner, The Ends, The Space Between.” The album was released on April 18th, and the band is currently touring playing tunes from that record as well as some brand new material and old favorites.
More music by Dan DiMonte: www.soundcloud.com/dandimonte
More music by Dan Padley: www.soundcloud.com/dpadley
More music by Blake Shaw: www.soundcloud.com/bshawbass
More music by Reid Turner: www.soundcloud.com/reidwell
Check out Jonathan Birdsall's other project, The Weathered Heads: www.facebook.com/TheWeatheredHeads

Fire Sale

FireSale is an original act out of Iowa City, IA that mixes Funk/Reggae/Rock & Roll and many other personal influences into their own signature groove.
FireSale is an original act out of Iowa City, IA that mixes Funk/Reggae/Rock & Roll and many other personal influences into their own signature groove. Originally from Davenport, IA they have been together since 2007 and since then have transformed their sound from playing punk rock covers to writing and performing their own original reggae/world music. FireSale released a full length Self-titled ...See More
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AWTHNTKTS :: On the strength of ION's recent release of "Coordinates," the anticipation of Romulan's upcoming album "Drifter" and the beastly return of IC vet johndope, the AWTHNTKTS are quickly becoming the face of Iowa City Hip-Hop. Each member falls into their own realm of lyrical wit & conduct with a common goal to put Iowa City back on the map as an outlet for local AND touring hip hop heads. Combined with Iowa City's own WFKU Radio and illstillsmile productions, the debauchery and good times are a guarantee.


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