Old Monk, Dylan Seeger

Old Monk


The two founding members of Old Monk were separated by thousands of miles when they began writing their first EP. It took years of swapping answering machine recordings and exchanging lo-fi demos over the internet to complete. The successful collaboration finally convinced drummer Ian Burns to leave his native Colorado, joining guitarist Joshua Carrafa in Brooklyn. The two dubbed their project Old Monk, and began playing around Manhattan and Brooklyn's underground venues. In need of a bassist, the two then enlisted Tsugumi Takashi and Old Monk became a trio. Joshua, Ian and Tsugumi create frenzied noisy rock and roll, built on solid pop backbones and piercing hooks. Old Monk is currently living in Brooklyn.

Dylan Seeger

Dylan Seeger is an alternative musician living in New York. He began writing music at the age of 13 and, through online sales, developed a cult following. In 2012, he released "Readers & Reporters", an album about the breakdown of a journalist with a focus on the social struggles of living in the modern world. It was a significant departure from the pop music that fans had come to expect. Seeger is now working on new projects while continuing to put a face on "Readers & Reporters" by performing the album live.


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