Morbid Angel

Shattering the boundaries of creativity and imagination while evolving with each groundbreaking release throughout its historic career, Morbid Angel stands alone as the true icon in extreme music.

Abdomen Canvas

ABDOMEN CANVAS was formed in 2008 and has since become one of central Florida’s premiere purveyors of brutality. A non-stop barrage of technical death metal, menacing melodies and punishing breakdowns, AC has something for every kind of metal head. If you're into bouncing and destruction the band undoubtedly puts on one of the most intense, energetic and often violent live shows, leaving concert goers thirsting for blood. The band has opened for numerous national and signed acts such as Bleeding Through, Born of Osiris, Waking the Cadaver, Oceano, Veil of Maya, Wretched, KillWhitneyDead, The Breathing Process and more. With the release of their third E.P. "INHABITANCE" in 2011, the band hopes to make their mark on a national level.

Prophecy Z14

Prophecy Z14 originally formed in Melbourne Florida in the fall of 2008 by Damien (drums),
Justin (guitars/vocals), and Ant (bass/vocals) as "Algorithm". They wrote 6 songs of brutal, 7
string, technical, death metal and played a couple of shows as a 3 piece while searching for a
2nd guitarist to complete the lineup. In April of 2009 that guitarist would come in the form of
Dan Cannon. Dan jumped in the hot seat and played a handful of shows starting 3 weeks
after joining the band. During which the band also got into Dans home studio where they
recorded a short demo CD. The band took a break in the fall of 2009 to write new material,
and record a stronger, full length CD. It was apparent that now complete the band was
heading in a slightly different direction, and due to some "musical differences" the guys faced
a tough decision to part ways with long time friend, and band member Ant (Diabolic Intent).
After his departure the band wrote new lyrics, Dan took over the vocal duties once held by
Ant, and they changed the name to Prophecy Z14.

Prophecy Z14 started steam rolling ahead writing several new songs and recording a
powerful full length CD (originally scheduled to be released in 2010). Things seemed headed
in the right direction, and on an unstoppable course when news came down that long time
member and friend Justin Buell (guitar/vocals) was being relocated by his job and had to
leave the band. Down but not out, Damien and Dan decided to keep it going and find a new
guitarist and bassist to once again complete the band. They kept working on the CD, and
kept writing new songs during the search. The highly technical nature of the music made the
search very difficult.

Pz14 finds a suitable replacement for Justin in one of Dan's friends Tommy Marshall,
a very talented 7 string guitarist who jumped in head first and immediately got
all the songs down, and the guys have been writing more new material.
PZ14 has completed their lineup with the incredible 7-string bass skills of Oz! With his
technical feats of amazing chordal / speed / craziness on his custom Bee basses, he
is definitely the MAN for the job! Pz14 has been tearing up stages around Florida
and working their way up to bigger and better shows while garnering a steadily growing fan
base of extreme metalheads. Some setbacks have once again pushed the release of the debut
CD back even further.

The end of 2011 the PZ14 crew started making some waves with their live show, securing an
opening slot for the almighty Mayhem, Keep of Kalessin, Hate, and Abigail Williams.
Continuing on that success in 2012 they have opened for Obituary, and recently Deicide, and
have shows scheduled with Abigail Williams, and will be featured on the Tampa show of the
Iron Will tour featuring Kataklysm, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Vital Remains, and Rose Funeral.

Antikyther is released!
The 9 song debut cd from Prophecy Z14 is officially released on 12/21/12
The disc was mastered by James Murphy (Death, Testament, Obituary)
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