Labor of Giants

Labor of Giants

Built on a smooth groove foundation, Labor of Giants is a hall of music somewhere between a Tarantino soundtrack, a Jim Morrison hallucination and a 1950′s jazz lounge. Warming melodies, rich and vibrant arrangements, coalesce to engaging ensemble performances set out to explore the depths of musical expression. Labor of Giants released "Jelly", their first full length effort in June '13.

Michael James Anderson

Having signed with metal/punk act "Flu" to Sling Slang Records in 2002, Michael James Anderson eventually ventured off into the singer/songwriter world mid-decade and began recording what would become "Wake Up For The Shake Down" (released in 2008) and quickly began touring behind that record. With what was once his backing band, Michael formed the fast paced cow-punk stylings of The And Band with other New England born and bred artists.
For his second album "Restless Sea" (released in 2010), Michael was looking for more raw sounding tracks so he started recording at different studios whenever he could, many of which were done in just one take, and stayed that way for the final cut. Towards the end of 2010/early 2011, Michael joined Americana/Folk/Rock band Johnny Mainstream as lead guitarist, banjo and back up vocalist.
Though he continues to perform with both of these bands, his main focus is playing solo. Currently working on his third release, Michael remains touring different parts of the country whenever possible and bring his brand of whisper style cow-punk to whoever will listen.

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